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The ‘Request-a-Driver’ tool helps restaurants find delivery gig drivers

Driver delivers food to a home

DriveFreedom Classifieds has launched a new tool called ‘Request a Driver’ to help restaurants and other customers find independent delivery gig drivers. The home delivery market has been growing every year and the Covid-19 pandemic has exploded the need for drivers, especially in the takeout and grocery food market.

Many restaurants, suppliers and stores want to build their own-car delivery teams. It’s this market that DriveFreedom Classifieds supports. DriveFreedom Classifieds helps drivers get regular gigs and build long term relationships with customers through two-way classified ads and a matching service.

“Our delivery driver service cannot be beaten on Price, Choice or Security.  We charge no commission fees with our direct p2p service. Customers have ultimate choice and with that added security,” says Anthony Todd, DriveFreedom Founder. 

Anyone can ‘Request-a-Driver’

Any business, group or individual can complete the ‘Request a Driver’ listing seeking one time or regular gig drivers. The request is centered around map location, type of vehicle and services. For instance a pizza restaurant in Detroit can request delivery drivers for interviews because of a flux in orders or a desire to bypass DoorDash fees.  A florist needs extra drivers for Mother’s Day. A pharmacy needs extra drivers for routes. 

The purpose of the RAD listing is two fold. The actual listing is searchable by users. Drive Freedom staff are alerted to the request and set out to find drivers that match.

The RAD listing does not include the identity of the customer, and DriveFreedom vets applicants. All drivers on the platform have to become members, pass the entry requirements and submit a Driver Services listing before having access to RAD listings. Delivery drivers that join are given leads of available local gigs.

Numerous jobs are currently available in Detroit, the site of our current marketing. We are opening marketing soon to the rest of Michigan and the region- Chicago, Illinois, Milwaukee, Wisconsin, Gary, Indiana; Cleveland, Ohio; Buffalo, Ontario and Toronto, Ontario. 

Customers Start Here

Please place your Request-a-Driver ads now at www.drivefreedom.io. We will send you drivers asap. 

No commission fees

DriveFreedom Classifieds is not a commission fee charging middleman app like GrubHub, DoorDash or UberEats. It is an advanced directory listing app. Think Craigslist or letgo app, but for automobile sales and services. In our case the ‘buy side’ listing is ‘Request a Driver’, while the ‘sell side’ is Driver Services listings by vehicle. We act as the match maker. 

“Our model cannot be beaten on Price. By doing away with commission fees the entire income can be shared by restaurants and drivers, with nothing wasted on the middleman app”, says Anthony Todd. 

Drivers and restaurants can save hundreds of dollars a month, while customers get much better prices. Commission fee middlemen apps often take 20% to 30% of the final bill. 

Drivers Wanted- Start Here

Like most directory sites DriveFreedom Classifieds makes money by giving a lot of ad listings away. In our case we give drivers a 120 day free trial period with no further obligation. Those that remain after the free period will pay less than a dollar a day. This is an introductory offer and drivers should join free asap to take advantage of the long free period. 

The mobile web application has many advanced features- easy one-page search, fast swipe, maps, sharp photos, videos, booking calendar, comments, direct call and chat. The UID # is a marketing tool drivers can share to get more work. As a technology focused company we plan to add more features. 

Drivers go to www.drivefreedom.io home page, click Add A Car- Driver Service- click Free Ad. You will need vehicle photos, a mugshot, driver’s license, a clean driving record, and standard vehicle insurance. 

We guarantee free leads for delivery drivers seeking restaurant shifts in Detroit RIGHT NOW!


Drivers that advertise on DriveFreedom Classifieds are independent contractors and/or registered businesses. They are required to be licensed, permitted and adequately insured with mandated liability coverage, according to local laws before advertising. The requirements for delivery cars are low while passenger carriers are for-hire businesses like limousine operators with high entry access requirements. 

While DriveFreedom has access controls it is the duty of the ’employer’ to interview the driver and agree to the terms before using the driver. DriveFreedom is only an advertising medium, not an employer. The site is moderated to remove bad actors on both sides. We don’t need to be the biggest, just the best. 


If you want to make contact with your questions, or to tell us about your needs you can reach us on WhatsApp +1 (268) 764-7464 or Facebook via Messenger. For those that prefer, fill in the email form. Let’s work together to end commission fee apps hold over your delivery orders.


DriveFreedom proposes alternative to California’s AB5 blues

Lady with convertible

A San Francisco Superior Judge ordered Uber and Lyft to employ their drivers by Thursday under the Assembly Bill 5 ruling. Luckily for them a stay of execution was ordered on Friday. The parties will head back to court to make their cases by mid-October. California voters will get a say in the November election as Prop 22, if passed, gives drivers more work flexibility, and will allow the TNC ride-hailing model to survive. 

If Uber and Lyft decide to leave California all 100% of drivers would be affected. If they stay but are forced to make changes they claim 80% of drivers would be laid off and millions of passengers have to find other ways to travel. 

It’s complicated as to why Uber and Lyft are considered employers by the state of California. In essence they play a major role in dispatching for-hire cars, running the process and being involved in the payment process. Other middleman gig apps face the same issues. Other countries are already regulating the same way as California and other states are watching closely. In our humble opinion the middleman commission fee model has a serious Achilles Heel. 

The solution is the ‘classified ad’ model

DriveFreedom takes a more hands off approach by offering a ‘classified advertising’ service to legal driver services. Here’s how it works. Drivers place a free ad listing of the vehicle, hourly rate and services provided on the mobile web application at https://drivefreedom.io.  Users swipe through results to find the perfect match. Certified customers are allowed to call or chat directly with driver advertisers to confirm gig prices. Payment is direct to drivers and the greatest advantage is regular work. Our byline is, “We help drivers get gigs and build relationships.”

The ‘classified ad listings’ are supported by advanced technology tools to help drivers get gigs and manage the experience. A key component is the matching service DriveFreedom offers advertisers free of charge. 

Legal And Insurance Requirements for Passenger Services

Unlike Uber or Lyft, DriveFreedom is not for everyone. Advertisers must have legal permits and permissions subject to local laws. An example of a legal for-hire passenger business is a limo company with airport cars, town cars, SUVs, limousines, party buses and coaches. Any independent contractor registered with the DMV authority can advertise on DriveFreedom. 

The laws include mandated commercial vehicle insurance requirements for different sized passenger carriers. DriveFreedom does not provide any insurance. Advertisers must have the appropriate insurance before advertising on DriveFreedom. Speak to your insurance broker. 

Requirements for Non-Passenger Services

If you deliver takeouts or groceries using your car the legal and insurance requirements are much less bothersome than driving passengers. Rules  differ between jurisdictions so check with your local DMV. Some insurance companies are now covering delivery drivers, so check with your insurance broker too. Larger commercial vehicles require a higher level of permissions and insurance while bicycle couriers require very little.

DriveFreedom does not provide insurance. Some businesses customers. like restaurants, may provide partial insurance for gig delivery drivers. Speak to your local insurance broker about options. Commercial insurance is the ideal if you drive a lot and want ‘peace of mind’.

Now that you are legal

DriveFreedom is starting a pilot program in California for 1,000 free driver services ad listings across the following services:
Delivery- bikes, cars and vans
Passenger- airport rides, non-metered taxis, carriers
Events- weddings, proms, date night
Commercial- furniture, removals, towing
Our object is to help the initial batch in the pilot program keep very busy before adding new listings. As a startup the roll-out will be helpful for testing our matching capabilities. To avoid disappointment advertise now at https://drivefreedom.io. Ad listings are free for 120 days, then less than $1 a day if you stay. No commission fees are ever charged. 

Superior features and tools

DriveFreedom is more than just the ‘Craigslist of driver services’. Here are features and tools:
Easy one-page elasticsearch
Fast swipe through cards
Clear photos policy
Videos- YouTube & Vimeo embeds
Booking Calendar to switch off search
Moderated comments
Members only direct phone calls
Members only chat messaging
Unique ID # for sharing 
Request a Driver ads for businesses
Free matching service

Ditch the middlemen!

Uber, Lyft and others work as middlemen and take fees accordingly. With sound business principles an independent driver services contractor can get private business direct from the community.

During coronavirus takeout is very popular and there is a demand from restaurants for delivery drivers. Register for delivery and we will help match you with local restaurants that pay decent rates and tips. 

If you exhibit special coronavirus care procedures on your display page you may become popular because you care. Passengers seek a safe environment and lady drivers are popular with females and families. On DriveFreedom the customer has choice of car and driver. 

If Uber/ Lyft leave California or not, DriveFreedom offers an alternative independent driver contractors should consider. Join the pilot for free at https://drivefreedom.io while spaces are vacant. 

In Conclusion

DriveFreedom App wants to hear from potential partners in California who understand the vision and are ready to help drivers and customers meet without middlemen.

Stay Safe,
Anthony Todd CEO. 





How to get paid more as a delivery driver this summer

Masked woman grocery shopping

Corona virus continues to keep citizens off the streets, avoiding contact as much as possible. In many places restaurants and bars are closed. Of course, as you know, takeout food and grocery delivery have thrived. Most of the new drivers use their own vehicles and work as independent contractors. 

If you are a takeout delivery driver you may have already driven for DoorDash, UberEats, GrubHub and Postmates. If you are a grocery shopper you may have delivered for Instacart, Shipt or others. You may even have worked directly for pizza chains or restaurants.

How much do you earn per hour? 

The problem with most food delivery apps is that they are middlemen. They earn money off the supplier/ restaurant and the consumer in delivery fees. A lot of money is taken off the table that could, probably should, have gone to the supplier and driver. Instead some tech company is wasting it. Not good.

Are you beating up your car, paying for gasoline and still earning less than $15 per hour plus tips? You are worth more than that. 

What is the DriveFreedom solution?

Carry on driving for middleman apps but build up a private and business clientele willing to pay decent hourly rates. At DriveFreedom  the driver showcases their own vehicle, sets rates and extras and takes delivery gigs direct from the community. The customer could be a restaurant, grocer, any business or even a private client. 

The web app is so wickedly clever that the customer can find and call or chat with you directly. They become your customer as long as you get along. No middleman, no commission fees, no delivery fees. 

How can that be! Easy, DriveFreedom uses the ‘classified ad directory’ model. You know this method as it’s used by the car for sale websites. For the older folk who remember newspapers..and of course Craigslist uses the classified app model. The old fashioned name ‘classified ads’ bears no relation to what’s under the bonnet at DriveFreedom. 

What does DriveFreedom charge?

$0 for 120 days without obligation. Then $25 for the next two months. If you remain with us after all these months we then charge less than a dollar and day for a monthly subscription. Compare that to the hundreds of dollars a month taken from you in % commission and delivery fees. 

The free period offer will drop to 60 days soon. Join now to avoid disappointment. 

Will DriveFreedom bring me work?

Yes, DriveFreedom has delivery gigs for drivers in many cities. We continually find new gigs with our ‘Request-a-Driver’ tool, direct marketing and matching technology. Gigs may be one-off, temporary, shifts or routes offered usually as an independent contractor (1099 designation). 

We guarantee you will have access to well paying gigs before we ever see a dime of your money. You can’t get fairer than that! 

It’s a flipping good cause

You know it’s not fair that the Uber’s of this world take the cream of the deals. Help us build a fairer marketplace where drivers push for decent rates by offering a controlled supply on DriveFreedom

Many of the restaurants that get gigs from DoorDash and others will die this summer. DriveFreedom gives restaurants a chance to pursue their own delivery strategy, even if it is limited. You, the driver, can help cut out the middleman. 

Why you should start building your marketplace now

To place a free ad on DriveFreedom takes about 10 minutes once you have photos and your documents. We want to see your driver’s licence and insurance policy. No recent DUIs or criminal records. Many employers will interview you and some may carry out drug tests. You and your car need to be clean and presentable. 

You have to be in it to win it. If you don’t apply we won’t be able to  consider you for gigs in your area. The early bird gets the worm. The best gigs will go to those who sign up early. That’s the way of the world. Okay, enough of the sayings. Give us some trust at zero dollars and let us prove ourselves to you with personal service. 

You can control when your advert appears, so if you are taking a Covid-19 break join anyway. You can switch ads off on selected days with the booking calendar. We monitor comments and ban bad actors on both sides to foster a great community. We only serve drivers with cars or vans. Sorry, no bikes at this time.

Now join the driver community where you won’t be taken for granted: https://drivefreedom.io


Help a delivery driver project in Central Florida

Man unloads boxes from boot of a red car

DriveFreedom is looking for independent own-car delivery drivers to join a pilot project in Central Florida- Tampa, Orlando and surrounding areas. We identify better paying temporary gigs from local restaurants and other businesses and match them with suitable member drivers. 

Our mission is to help our members get better paying gigs, make more money and enjoy better working conditions. Let’s help support local restaurants by cutting out the middleman apps that suck the community dry!

Helping businesses find drivers

Restaurants! Other businesses and individuals! Do you want independent contractor own-car drivers to help you out with shifts, routes and one-off gigs. We can help you find quality drivers to interview. 

Add a ‘Request a Driver’ listing at https://drivefreedom.io. DriveFreedom staff will only pass your information to our member drivers who pass our tests and are a good match for your needs. We seek delivery gigs while avoiding exploitative rates. 

Drivers list for better wages

In this direct p2p ‘classified’ advertising model drivers join the directory. They create directory listings with photos and videos. Most importantly drivers set their own expected rates and conditions of work. For instance a standard car delivery driver may identify with an hourly rate of $15 plus tips. Under ‘Extras’ a driver may propose surcharges for long distances and other considerations. A booking calendar system allows a driver to switch off search on certain days. For instance a driver may not be available on Tuesdays.

The hourly rate indicator will keep away ’employers’ seeking extremely low  rates like $8 an hour inclusive of vehicle. The listing will show how you present yourself and the condition of your vehicle. Also, the listing allows restaurants and other businesses to call for help, even at higher rates when someone goes out sick, orders are high or they see the value of the prospect driver. 

Matching drivers and businesses at fair rates

DriveFreedom is pro-active, always seeking active gigs for drivers. The mission is to create a pool of safe, good delivery drivers while weeding out bad actors. By collecting data the expectation in the pilot project is to advise both groups of acceptable offers and conditions of work. 

In a market shortage of drivers expect that ‘wages’ will be higher, while in a glut of drivers offers may be lower. DriveFreedom wants to promote fair offers, and help drivers avoid exploitation. This is possible by having a pool of willing drivers setting reasonable asking rates and conditions on the platform. 

Whats needed to join the pilot project

To be considered you will need:

  • A suitably insured car. Check with your insurance broker.
  • A clean driving record with no DUIs or criminal record.
  • Drug tests are required by many clients.
  • Preferably over 21 with delivery experience.
  • Be willing and able to lift 50lbs.
  • Be willing to practice coronavirus safety requirements.
  • Be a ‘1099 independent contractor’ not an employee.  

What are the next steps?

Step 1– Registration. Click Home– Add a Car- Driver Services- Start a Free Listing. 
Step 2– Place a Listing. Add a Car- Driver Services- Start a Free Listing. Have photos ready of your clean vehicle, with one of yourself. If you have a YouTube or Vimeo video you can add that link too. Enter a description that shows your value.
Step 3– We will evaluate your listing to see if you are suitable. Once approved you will receive notice of any existing temporary gigs. We will start actively looking for gigs based on your listing. 
Step 4– We will contact you periodically to find out how you are getting along and give you some personal service. 

Do you want to chat?

Do you have questions? Would you like a chat or a call before signing up? 

DriveFreedom Whatsapp: +1-268-764-7464

Please mention the pilot project in your first message. This address and offer will remain active until the 30th July, 2020. This post was edited on 28th June, 2020. 

Prefer Email? Please fill in the form

    Thanks so much!

    Anthony Todd 
    DriveFreedom CEO

    15 Reasons CuteCars Rocks Driver Services [Slide Show]

    15 reasons CuteCars Rocks Driver ServicesAny Driver Service AnywhereAny Driver Service ImaginableChoiceUnbeatable PricesFree Ads with promo codesfemale FriendlyLegal DriversSuitable InsuranceRequest A QuoteMatched MarketingUnique Identification NumberSwipe, Map & Booking CalendarsDirect Call & ChatComments keep it cleanA Bright FutureThanks for your time!

    #1. Any Driver Service, Anywhere

    Looking for passenger transportation? You’ll find rideshare cars, sedans, cabs, limos, buses, coaches and more.

    Looking for commercial services? Ideal for delivery cars, vans, pickups, removal trucks and haulage.

    #2. Any Driver Service Imaginable

    We encourage drivers to list passenger services for commuting, kids, elders, shopping, date night, partying and tours.

    We help drivers get regular and one-off gigs for deliveries, removals, medical, tow trucks, haulage and more.

    #3. Choice

    The customer gets to choose the perfect vehicle and driver for every occasion. Young, old, male female, new or classic.

    CuteCars helps match drivers and customers for lasting relationships. Get the car and driver you deserve.

    #4. Unbeatable Prices

    Better prices than Uber? Yes! CuteCars does not charge drivers commission fees of +25%. Negotiate rates for regular rides.

    Pool with friends, go door-to-door, pay hourly rates or organize fixed deals. On CuteCars your deal is with the driver.

    #5. Free Ads with Promo Codes

    CuteCars gives drivers months of free ads. Listings never cost more than a $1 a day anyway. No Commissions. Big savings.

    Promo Codes are found on the blog at https://cutecarsapp.com. Coming soon: Cars for Sale and Rentals. Wow!

    #6. Female Friendly

    CuteCars encourages using lady drivers to transport children and vulnerable persons. It’s a safe choice for families.

    Remember, it’s illegal to transport unaccompanied minors. Never do it. Interview drivers for long term gigs.

    #7. Legal Drivers

    To advertise drivers must be legal on the road according to local law. Contact your local DMV for information.

    Remember, airport have permits and rules too. For delivery gigs the rules are usually easier than for passenger rides.

    #8. Suitable Insurance

    To advertise every driver service must have the mandated vehicle insurance and liability coverage. Ask your broker.

    Passenger services require Commercial Insurance or Rideshare All Stage Insurance, depending on local law). CuteCars does not provide insurance.

    #9. Request A Quote

    Users can Request A Quote for any type of driver service, one-off or regular. CuteCars looks for matching services.

    We use social networks to attract drivers who meet user needs to list services and bid for gigs. Request A Quote is free.

    #10. Matched Marketing

    CuteCars selects the best ad listings to boost on social media. Make us look good and we will drive customers.

    A customer driver relationship can be for life. All this for a listing that starts free, without obligation. Winner!

    #11. Unique Identification Number (UID#)

    The UID# is a conversion tool for drivers. Drivers can share the number verbally, in printed material and on social media.

    A number, e.g. ABCD123, is a quick search engine tool taking the user directly to the driver’s page. We use an advanced search engine.

    #12. Swipe, Maps & Booking Calendars

    CuteCars uses fast Swipe (ala tinder) to quickly find drivers. Maps show where drivers are located. Find a driver nearby.

    Drivers use the Booking Calendar to select days they are unavailable. This records on the driver page and in search results.

    #13. Direct Call & Chat

    Only members can phone drivers directly. A log is kept and abuse is not tolerated. Drivers can switch off calls.

    Members can chat with drivers to arrange quotes, meetings and more. CuteCars has no web links or forms.

    #14. Comments keep it clean

    Users can comment on the driver’s page. CuteCars does not tolerate bad behavior like dirt vehicles, abuse or tardiness.

    CuteCars will ban bad passengers too. Our aim is not to be the biggest, just the best. Let’s build a great community!

    #15. A Bright Future

    CuteCars has just launched. this is the beginning. Expect new features and tools. Our marketing is inventive too.

    The app is in English, with other languages to follow. Categories like Cars for Sale and Rentals are coming in 2020.

    Thanks for your time!


    Designed for mobile. No download required. For more information visit the blog at https://cutecarsapp.com.

    Anthony Todd, Founder.

    Anthony Todd