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New! $1,000 Productivity Prizes and $200 Signup Bonuses for delivery drivers

Earn Money

Productivity Contest Most Deliveries by 4th July, 2021 1st Prize: $4002nd Prize: $100 Most deliveries by a delivery driver using the DriveFreedom platform from the 17th April to the 4th July, 2021. A minimum of 50 deliveries to apply. Applications must be in by 15th July, 2021. Prizes will be awarded 15th August, 2021. Terms..

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Delivery Drivers “Road to Success” [Infographic]

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FAQ Will I earn more money? Yes, you can earn more money than working for a delivery app and competing for gigs. DriveFreedom’s mission is to cut out middleman fees and encourage higher direct hourly rates.  How much will I earn per hour?  You set your own rates and apply for gigs that suit you…

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DriveFreedom Classifieds 101 [Video]

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The video best explains how DriveFreedom Classifieds helps customers like restaurants find independent delivery drivers. Conversely we help drivers get gigs and build long term relationships with customers. Do you use delivery drivers regularly? Businesses like restaurants, grocers, florists and pharmacies need delivery drivers and bikers to deliver all the time these days. We are..

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The ‘Request-a-Driver’ tool helps restaurants grow delivery teams

Driver delivers food to a home

DriveFreedom Classifieds has launched a new tool called ‘Request a Driver’ to help restaurants and other customers reach delivery drivers looking for hours, shifts and gigs. The home delivery market has continued to grow as the Covid-19 pandemic has exploded the need for drivers, especially in the takeout and grocery food markets.  Many restaurants, suppliers..

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DriveFreedom proposes alternative to California’s AB5 blues

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A San Francisco Superior Judge ordered Uber and Lyft to employ their drivers by Thursday under the Assembly Bill 5 ruling. Luckily for them a stay of execution was ordered on Friday. The parties will head back to court to make their cases by mid-October. California voters will get a say in the November election..

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