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New! $1,000 Productivity Prizes and $200 Signup Bonuses for delivery drivers

Earn Money

Productivity Contest Most Deliveries by 4th July, 2021 1st Prize: $4002nd Prize: $100 Most deliveries by a delivery driver using the DriveFreedom platform from the 17th April to the 4th July, 2021. A minimum of 50 deliveries to apply. Applications must be in by 15th July, 2021. Prizes will be awarded 15th August, 2021. Terms..

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Delivery Drivers “Road to Success” [Infographic]

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FAQ Will I earn more money? Yes, you can earn more money than working for a delivery app and competing for gigs. DriveFreedom’s mission is to cut out middleman fees and encourage higher direct hourly rates.  How much will I earn per hour?  You set your own rates and apply for gigs that suit you…

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