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What a Driver Services Listing looks like (Demo)

Screenshot Driver Services 1

You are currently visiting the CuteCars Blogosphere at https://cutecarsapp.com. The blog is where we explain all the functions and opportunities presented by the CuteCars App.

The CuteCars App has it’s own dedicated space at https://cutecars.mobi. It’s an advanced progressive web application designed to be viewed on mobile devices- smart phones and tablets. Unlike store apps it doesn’t need to be downloaded. It just works.

A Sample Listing

Please open this page to see a listing: SAMPLE LIMO LISTING

You will be able to scroll the page and view the contents in any browser on a smart phone, tablet or laptop.

To explain what you will encounter I have broken down the page into screenshots with explanations.

Screenshot Driver Services 1

In the screenshot above you will see the header with four buttons- menu, search, account, chat notifications.
The menu slides out
The search button is a link
The account button is your own account settings
Chat notifications is where you will receive messages direct from customers and occasionally from management.

The map icon is a link to the vehicle location base. You can change the central location of the service at any time.

Name and photo on the right. That’s me, Anthony Todd CEO

The heading is Make, Model, Exterior Color, Year.
Followed by the service. We plan to release other categories like Sales & Rentals.
The service in the sample is offered hourly. In this case the owner declines to offer the service daily, weekly, or monthly.

Screenshot Driver Services 2

Next is the description you wrote, which would normally be longer that this. An extra box will add payment details and extras. As a self-employed advertiser you decide your service. However we require price transparency and local legal compliance.

The media gallery will feature up to 20 images. CuteCars is about developing relationships and we suggest you add personal driver photos as well as vehicle pictures. We delete fuzzy images. Please resize large images before uploading.

You may also add a YouTube or Vimeo link. The video will appear here.

Screenshot Driver Services 3

The Unique ID # is a helpful tool for you to market your service verbally, on business cards and in social media. In this case CuteCars App AAAA039 would be all a customer needs to quickly search for your listing. Rideshare drivers can use it to convert passengers to regular customers without taking their hands off the wheel.

1. Click https://cutecars.mobi;
2. Select Search Magnifier top left, menu DRIVER SERVICES.
3. Look for Unique ID # below map. Type in AAAA039.
4. Check box ‘I agree to CuteCars Terms..’.
5. Click SEARCH button. You’ll get to a card file of the Driver Service.
6. Click i for Information.
7. You are back at the sample listing page.

Advertisers can choose from multiple currencies to display. In this case only the hourly rate is completed. Although extras are allowed try and keep prices real. Users are allowed to post negative comments and a lack of pricing transparency may effect reviews.

Screenshot Driver Services 4

The schedule is handy. It lets the advertiser block off the days the car is booked. If the car is not available on this calendar it will not be shown in search. The user can also view ahead for booking issues. Avoid saying sorry to customers when you can’t supply the advertised product.

Screenshot Driver Services 5

CuteCars App is a direct p2p platform with no forms or links allowed. A user may call you on the phone number you provided. We suggest you give a personal mobile phone number if possible. Phone calls can be switched off, opening chat instead.

Many mobile-first users and the Millennial generation prefer using chat to contact advertisers. In this case the user will send a message first. You will get an email notice of this chat message too, so that you don’t miss business inquiries.

Share to social media, add a new listing or close the page buttons are below that.

Finally, we allow comments from members only. These are moderated by admin and used to remove bad actors from the platform. CuteCars reserves the right to remove both advertisers and users. We want to create the best driver community for everyone.

Thanks you. Comments are welcome below this post.

15 Reasons CuteCars Rocks Driver Services [Slide Show]

15 reasons CuteCars Rocks Driver ServicesAny Driver Service AnywhereAny Driver Service ImaginableChoiceUnbeatable PricesFree Ads with promo codesfemale FriendlyLegal DriversSuitable InsuranceRequest A QuoteMatched MarketingUnique Identification NumberSwipe, Map & Booking CalendarsDirect Call & ChatComments keep it cleanA Bright FutureThanks for your time!

#1. Any Driver Service, Anywhere

Looking for passenger transportation? You’ll find rideshare cars, sedans, cabs, limos, buses, coaches and more.

Looking for commercial services? Ideal for delivery cars, vans, pickups, removal trucks and haulage.

#2. Any Driver Service Imaginable

We encourage drivers to list passenger services for commuting, kids, elders, shopping, date night, partying and tours.

We help drivers get regular and one-off gigs for deliveries, removals, medical, tow trucks, haulage and more.

#3. Choice

The customer gets to choose the perfect vehicle and driver for every occasion. Young, old, male female, new or classic.

CuteCars helps match drivers and customers for lasting relationships. Get the car and driver you deserve.

#4. Unbeatable Prices

Better prices than Uber? Yes! CuteCars does not charge drivers commission fees of +25%. Negotiate rates for regular rides.

Pool with friends, go door-to-door, pay hourly rates or organize fixed deals. On CuteCars your deal is with the driver.

#5. Free Ads with Promo Codes

CuteCars gives drivers months of free ads. Listings never cost more than a $1 a day anyway. No Commissions. Big savings.

Promo Codes are found on the blog at https://cutecarsapp.com. Coming soon: Cars for Sale and Rentals. Wow!

#6. Female Friendly

CuteCars encourages using lady drivers to transport children and vulnerable persons. It’s a safe choice for families.

Remember, it’s illegal to transport unaccompanied minors. Never do it. Interview drivers for long term gigs.

#7. Legal Drivers

To advertise drivers must be legal on the road according to local law. Contact your local DMV for information.

Remember, airport have permits and rules too. For delivery gigs the rules are usually easier than for passenger rides.

#8. Suitable Insurance

To advertise every driver service must have the mandated vehicle insurance and liability coverage. Ask your broker.

Passenger services require Commercial Insurance or Rideshare All Stage Insurance, depending on local law). CuteCars does not provide insurance.

#9. Request A Quote

Users can Request A Quote for any type of driver service, one-off or regular. CuteCars looks for matching services.

We use social networks to attract drivers who meet user needs to list services and bid for gigs. Request A Quote is free.

#10. Matched Marketing

CuteCars selects the best ad listings to boost on social media. Make us look good and we will drive customers.

A customer driver relationship can be for life. All this for a listing that starts free, without obligation. Winner!

#11. Unique Identification Number (UID#)

The UID# is a conversion tool for drivers. Drivers can share the number verbally, in printed material and on social media.

A number, e.g. ABCD123, is a quick search engine tool taking the user directly to the driver’s page. We use an advanced search engine.

#12. Swipe, Maps & Booking Calendars

CuteCars uses fast Swipe (ala tinder) to quickly find drivers. Maps show where drivers are located. Find a driver nearby.

Drivers use the Booking Calendar to select days they are unavailable. This records on the driver page and in search results.

#13. Direct Call & Chat

Only members can phone drivers directly. A log is kept and abuse is not tolerated. Drivers can switch off calls.

Members can chat with drivers to arrange quotes, meetings and more. CuteCars has no web links or forms.

#14. Comments keep it clean

Users can comment on the driver’s page. CuteCars does not tolerate bad behavior like dirt vehicles, abuse or tardiness.

CuteCars will ban bad passengers too. Our aim is not to be the biggest, just the best. Let’s build a great community!

#15. A Bright Future

CuteCars has just launched. this is the beginning. Expect new features and tools. Our marketing is inventive too.

The app is in English, with other languages to follow. Categories like Cars for Sale and Rentals are coming in 2020.

Thanks for your time!


Designed for mobile. No download required. For more information visit the blog at https://cutecarsapp.com.

Anthony Todd, Founder.

Anthony Todd

CuteCars Driver Services- FAQ

Date Night private driver

CuteCars App Driver Services will launch in March 2020. We are sure you have lot of questions.

What is the purpose of CuteCars App Driver Services?

CuteCars directly matches drivers and passengers for one-off and regular gigs with an advanced app platform and tools. Similarly users can find any commercial driver service advertised. 

Our goal is to help drivers and customers develop great personal relationships around regular driving gigs. 

Is CuteCars like Uber or Lyft?


  • TNC companies send drivers to pick up passengers. CuteCars is an ad listing platform where drivers offer services directly without any middleman.
  • TNC companies charge drivers +25% commission fees on every fare. CuteCars is a free and low cost ad listing platform. Because drivers can pass on savings CuteCars is #1 for PRICE. 
  • TNC companies send the driver they want. On CuteCars users have CHOICE of driver and vehicle. We support women drivers for families and vulnerable persons. 
  • TNC companies have problems with sexual harassment. CuteCars offers users the opportunity to screen, interview and stick with drivers for regular gigs. CuteCars is #1 for SECURITY.
  • TNC companies recruit drivers with just standard insurance. On CuteCars drivers must have either a Rideshare All Stage Insurance, or a Commercial Vehicle Insurance to drive passengers; or a standard vehicle insurance to deliver packages. 
  • CuteCars is a supplementary service to TNC companies. When you don’t have private gigs you can switch on Uber or Lyft apps. 

What Driver Services are encouraged on CuteCars App?

CuteCars is for listings of all driver services, everywhere. All services must be legal, and correctly insured, subject to local DMV laws. We support sole proprietors and small businesses who are organised and professional. Unsure? Contact your local DMV. 

Here are some of our favorites:

  • Airport Rides by sedan, SUV, town car, limo, cab, etc. Passengers can get matched to local drivers with the REQUEST A QUOTE feature. 
  • Regular commutes by any car offering the service. Passengers can get picked up every morning at home and driven to work, maybe back too. This is ideal for car pools and families. The benefit for drivers is regular rides every day with customers you like. 
  • Date Night by classics, convertibles, exotics, old favorites and anything else. Blow your date away with a sunset cruise and a lovely evening experience. We encourage drivers to invent entertainment packages and earn free social media marketing. 
  • Mom’s Taxi by sedan, SUV, cab or transporter. CuteCars encourages female drivers for family safety, dropping off at school and afterwards. The transportation of unaccompanied minors is illegal everywhere. Please don’t.
  • Shopping services by all cars. CuteCars would like to see drivers help elders and others go shopping. Drivers can help with dropping off and collecting dry cleaning, chores and other hourly rate services for those that can afford it. 
  • Delivery Services by car or van. CuteCars will reach out to local stores in your area when you place an ad that features delivery as an option. Many retail stores and restaurants are employing drivers for last mile deliveries. Businesses will recruit you directly. 
  • Commercial services like tow trucks, furniture vans, rubble moving, medical services, and haulage are encouraged on CuteCars. Nothing is excluded provided the service is road legal and suitably insured.

How does CuteCars help drivers get gigs?

Each ad listing has a Unique ID #, example ABCD123. This identifying number can be used in quick search to find a driver’s listing. The driver shares the number verbally, on business cards and in social media. Given to passengers this UID # is an excellent conversion tool. 

CuteCars has a passenger/ user hook with the Request A Quote feature. When users respond they ask for quotes for gigs. CuteCars reaches out to driver services to list. CuteCars then matches users and drivers. 

Using social media marketing CuteCars targets locations where drivers have listed. For instance, if we get driver listings from Detroit then we reach out to users in Detroit. Our best ad listings can get featured with free marketing ad boosts. 

What does CuteCars App cost drivers?

Commission fees are never charged. Every driver service gets given free ads for all their vehicles by way of a Promo Code. Promo Codes are found on this blog and may last 2, 4 or 6 months. Drivers get to test the service and earn money before needing to pay for advertising. No credit card is necessary to start and there is no obligation to stay. 

If advertisers upgrade after the Promo Code expires we charge monthly subscription fees of less than a dollar a day. No further commission fees are charged. This is our sole income. At this time payment for ad listings are via PayPal secure servers. 

What tech features does CuteCars App have?

CuteCars is a progressive web application, designed for mobile devices. The app is found at https://cutecars.mobi. No download is required. It just works!

CuteCars App has advanced one-page Elasticsearch. We use swipe technology (tinder) so users find ad listings fast. Every search is location based and we use google maps to help. When you find a listing you like you can call or chat directly with the driver.

Only members can call or chat and logs are kept to prevent abuse. Every ad listing page has a comments section for members. We take comments very seriously at CuteCars. A negative comment from a customer is acted upon. Drivers and passengers can be banned for bad service or abuse. Our mission is not to be the biggest, just the best. 

How do passengers pay drivers?

CuteCars plays no part in setting rates or accepting payments. CuteCars is an ad listing platform. Drivers set guide line hourly, daily, weekly or monthly rates. Drivers need to be transparent with pricing, showing extras in the description box.  

Drivers and passengers should agree to a fee that benefits both parties around time, distance and frequency. Regular gigs are encouraged to improve fees and simplify payments. 

It’s up to the driver how payments are accepted. CuteCars encourages drivers to carry card readers and a variety of payment apps. A driver may accept cash. We encourage more secure means of payment for regular work.

You will find driver payment terms in each driver service listing page. Confirm final price and means of payment before setting off on a journey or engaging a service. 

What are the benefits of having a regular driver?

CuteCars encourages users to find the right driving service to match their needs. Considerations include the choice of car, personality and service. The right driver will learn how to treat you by respecting your quiet needs. 

Women especially can feel safe with a driver they like and trust. Families can trust known drivers to safely transport their kids. Trust leads to further opportunities for drivers too. 

CuteCars encourages developing good relationships between users and driver services for the benefit of the whole community. No middleman necessary. Sorry, Uber. 

What’s next for CuteCars?

CuteCars is a technology company at heart and we will continue to imagine and develop tools to benefit our advertisers and users. Driver Services is just the first category and the launch app is only in the English language. We plan to add language based apps.

The next category for release is Cars for Sale due in early 2020, which we plan to follow with Rental Cars by mid 2020. We hope you will support our mission to create a direct p2p and b2c car community with responsible values. Investors welcome. 

This promotional and educational article was written by CuteCars staff. Thank you for your time. Please consider sharing the good news.