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CuteCars helps delivery drivers get better paid gigs

Delivery driver

Corona Virus Care

Today, millions of people are under stay-at-home orders to help stop the spread of Covid-19, Coronavirus. Our lives will change in the next few months, even when lock-down restrictions are eased. Home deliveries will continue to grow at a rapid pace and with it the demand for delivery drivers, especially those with their own vehicles.

Transportation workers are generally exempt from stay-at-home restrictions to carry vital supplies like medicine and food. Consider joining the front line of delivery services only if you are physically fit and extremely cautious.  

CuteCars App needs thousands of new drivers to sign up by the end of April. You will be matched with local customers willing to pay decent hourly gig rates. Customers are restaurants, retail stores, suppliers, groups and even some individuals. Step up now if you are ready to meet the challenge.

About CuteCars App

 CuteCars App is a not an app to order pizzas or groceries. We help drivers get gigs directly from customers and build long term relationships. The format is an ad listing showcase of drivers with vehicles looking for gigs.  

Our many features, tools, marketing and matching strategies pull in businesses desperately short of drivers. The business then employs the gig worker under their own terms, for the agreed compensation. CuteCars is not an employer. CuteCars is a marketplace for drivers. 

Drivers- Free Ads

CuteCars does not believe in charging drivers percentage commission fees for gigs. Ours is a free and low cost ad listing model. Drivers sign up with a Promo Code for 6 months free ad listings. No credit card; no obligation. 

Promo Code: deliverme . Place ad listing before: 30th April, 2020. Click here!

We reserve the right to limit the offer if demand is overwhelming. Future promo codes will be of shorter duration, so get in now. Later subscription rates are less than a dollar a day. Right now, make money on us. 

Listings by Vehicle, Direct to Businesses

Some businesses and delivery apps may not pay what you are worth at this time. By placing a free listing on CuteCars you alone set your hourly rates. Businesses, groups and individuals contact you directly to discuss availability and negotiate fees. 

If you place a listing you will also be notified of available driver-with-vehicle gig jobs we learn about. You can then evaluate these gigs and decide if you want to apply. 

Drivers post a listing with up to 20 photos. We suggest showing character in the images, as CuteCars is all about developing relationships. You can also post a video link (Youtube or Vimeo). Businesses will use one-page elastic search to find suitable drivers locally and swipe through listings (like tinder). Once they find a suitable listing they can click to see driver details. 

Mobile calls and chat messages are direct to drivers. Only members can call and calls can be switched off. If you have a listing the clients who you connect with are yours to keep. CuteCars is not a middleman. A booking calendar allows drivers to switch off search of an ad listing on busy dates. If you are booked you can go silent until you are available again. To learn more: https://cutecarsapp.com/driver-services/what-a-driver-services-listing-looks-like/

What’s in it for businesses?

Businesses Search local delivery drivers, swipe through listings, and call or text drivers directly. 

Customers may post a Free ‘Request a Quote’ ad listing. This versatile form can be used by businesses recruiting drivers with a fixed offer or individuals requesting any driver service. To see a sample Search RAQ , enter UID # AAAA011.  

Matching and cross-marketing service

If businesses post a ‘Request a Quote‘ listing CuteCars admin will find suitable local drivers to message and inform them to make contact. When drivers place listings, CuteCars finds and informs drivers of local businesses looking for gig delivery drivers. 

CuteCars engages in cross-marketing on social media channels. What this means is that we boost posts seeking drivers or businesses subject to where the demand is. For instance, if we get driver listings in Philadelphia then we seek to find gigs in Philly, and vice versa. 

Covid-19 coronavirus protections

We implore drivers to use hand sanitizer sprays, gloves and masks. Avoid close, direct contact at warehouses and with customers. Minimize contact with parcels by using extra plastic garbage bags or similar. Follow gig employer guidelines but suggest more protections if you need.

Please note that CuteCars App is an advertising platform. Accordingly by our Terms of Service you will never be an employee and should you act like one you will be not allowed to advertise your gig business. 

Legal and insurance requirements

Drivers, ask your local DMV if you need any additional permits. Seek legal advice if you are unsure. Check with your insurance broker as to your coverage delivering parcels. Often a car with standard insurance is sufficient, but some insurance companies may have restrictive policies than others. 

Business customers may have their own insurance and legal requirements. Larger vans may require different licenses and insurances. 

CuteCars App is a platform for all driver services. These include passenger and commercial services. Please do not attempt to sign up for passenger services if you are not a legally permitted and insured for-hire business. CuteCars does not supply insurance or dispatch rides. That said, we are looking for legal town cars, limos, cars, SUVs, wedding cars, tow trucks, furniture vans and other haulage businesses. Same terms apply. 

The future is brighter

Let’s get through this dark spot together. CuteCars App will continue to build features and tool to assist drivers and customers. We’d like to hear suggestions from you on ways we can improve our service. In the near future we will offer a ‘Cars for Sale’ category, “Car Rentals’ will follow soon. 

Thank you for your time,

CuteCars App Staff 

How will Covid-19 affect driver services?

Covid19 Ride

Please tell us how Driver Services are being affected by Covid19 aka Coronavirus, and how drivers, owners and passengers are meeting the challenge. By our definition Driver Services are all passenger and commercial services carried out with a driver at the wheel of a road transportation vehicle. 

Passengers and Customers

  • To what extent are you still using private and public transportation?
  • Are you working from home?
  • Do you expect vehicles to be sanitized?
  • Do you expect vehicles to have driver-passenger barriers? 
  • Would you pay more for a ‘safer option’?
  • Are you buying more online?
  • Do you consider pizza and other cooked food deliveries safe?
  • What would you like to see?

Drivers and Owners

  • Have you seen a big drop off in your business? 
  • What are customers asking for? 
  • Have you virus-proofed your passenger vehicle?
  • How is Covid19 affecting your non-passenger business?

Where are we going with this?

Right now we are interested in opinions being shared. If demand is high we may add polls or a survey. We will use the results to suggest temporary fixes and operational changes in the markets we serve. The posts will be on this blog site, Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. Please sign up for our newsletters and join our social media platforms. 

Please comment below

Please place your comments below. Let’s work together. Comments are moderated to prevent abuse and stupidness (a lovely Caribbean expression). 

Who is CuteCars App Driver Services?

CuteCars App is a brand new mobile-first web application at https://cutecars.mobi. No download required. CuteCars App is a direct p2p platform for legal operators of passenger for-hire/ charter services, and commercial services to reach new customers.

CuteCars is an advertising platform, not a TNC company and does not dispatch vehicles. Vehicles are listed, calls and chat are direct, bookings and payments are direct. CuteCars engages in matching marketing and develops tools to help drivers and customers build long term relationships around regular work. 

CuteCars does not charge commission fees, preferring free and low cost monthly ads. In the pre-launch stage drivers get Promo Codes for 6 months free ads. Only legal operators can advertise on CuteCars App. 

Free Ads for 6 months with Promo Code: launchspecial. Activate Before: 30th April, 2020.


Which Uber and Lyft drivers can join CuteCars?

Bearded Driver

Most Uber and Lyft drivers can only join to deliver. Not many will qualify to drive passengers. CuteCars is a direct p2p platform for legal driver services. We do not provide any passenger insurance and only serve as an advertising platform. However, neither do we charge commission fees of over 25% a ride and our services will help you get regular customers.

Finding out about legal requirements

Commercial operators with limousines, town cars, SUVs and wedding cars are good examples of legal passenger services allowed to advertise on CuteCars App. Each city jurisdiction has it’s own rules about drivers and vehicles. Common requirements may include commercial licenses, drug tests, safety checks, company formation, liability insurance and dispatching rules for taxis. 

If you are already licensed and permitted to carry private passengers you can join CuteCars App easily. If not you must contact your local Motor Vehicles Department. You could also ask legal limo operators, insurance brokers and lawyers about local requirements. Requirements differ everywhere so only seek advise where you plan to carry passengers. 

Unfortunately the rules are many and support entrench, vested interests. CuteCars supports constructive change but won’t support illegal driver services. 

Non-passenger delivery gigs on CuteCars 

If you prefer not to become a legal passenger service CuteCars may still be able to help you with deliveries, shopping and collections. You may not carry passengers but you can still carry parcels and goods. 

Usually delivery gigs with cars, SUVs and small vans may only require standard insurance. However larger vans may require commercial licenses and insurance. Again, always ask your local DMV. Check with your insurance broker and maybe consult with a lawyer.

It’s good business practice to register as a sole proprietor, an LLC or similar. A bank account will be required if you plan to get a mobile credit card reader (recommended). You’ll have to do your taxes and you should organize appropriately. 

Good news! The delivery sector is growing even with Corona Virus. CuteCars will help you get frequent work and better rates.

Delivery driver registration starts soon

We will announce delivery driver registration in the next week or two. You will get a promo code with 6 months free ads. To learn more about CuteCars read other posts on this blog. 

Thanks for your time, 

CuteCars Staff


CuteCars helps legal driver services compete with Uber Black

Smooth Operator

Uber Black and Lyft Luxury offerings have dented luxury limo companies, especially with airport rides. But there is a silver lining. SUV’s are increasingly popular, executives still like town cars, limousines are still popular for proms and party buses rock the night life. Drivers are frustrated that Uber and Lyft charge over 25% commission fees on fares. There are opportunities.

The market has changed

There will always be an executive market. It’s a crowded playing field and regular economic scares and downturns don’t help. If you are running at full capacity in this market you don’t need our help. Our marketing is geared towards services like airport rides, prom nights and party buses so you might want to read on. We’ll let you handle your direct executive business outreach. 

The middle market has expanded due to the rise of Uber, Lyft and others. TNC’s largely don’t play to the same rules and in some segments are cutting your lunch. Let’s fight back. 

The millennial generation wants choice, price and security

Uber and Lyft have proved that the public will use private transportation for a wide variety of needs. However our research shows that the younger generations are most interested in experience and choice. Everyone dislikes a bad driver experience- bad music, smells, and lousy driving. Women especially get annoyed at leering, loutish behavior. Good drivers are often asked to give private rides. Humans like regularity and service.

However price is important. Wages haven’t matched inflation and younger people face huge expenses, often with lower paying jobs. Frequent downturns like the Corona Virus don’t help. Passengers want the added security of a driver they know, especially women. 

Now that passengers are used to private driver services don’t you want a bigger piece of the growing pie? Important to note that today’s budget user is tomorrow’s executive. Where will they go when they get better off financially?

CuteCars doesn’t charge commission fees

Alone, CuteCars can’t solve the pricing dilemma. But CuteCars does not charge the often 25% to 50% commission fees charged by TNCs. Our model is free and low cost monthly ads. 

CuteCars is not a TNC and does not offer insurance. Calls are direct to you. It’s your client. We are an ad company with some awesome features, tools and marketing matching. 

Legal operators like limo companies (for want of a better description), are restricted by local laws. CuteCars allows ANY car as long as its legal according to those laws. Age is not an issue. In fact we are classic car enthusiasts and want wedding cars and associated services. Our clients won’t mind an older car in great condition. Of course, electric cars are treasured by many concerned with climate change. 

Our model is per vehicle advertising listing, not company listing. We encourage personal driver experiences. We understand people still care about relationships and service. You can show your company name or go off-brand with vehicles that are out of your current niche. 

We may not be the best place for your top executive model, although we do encourage all market listings. We do believe we can greatly expand your market reach and help fill your order book.

CuteCars Marketing and Matchmaking Approach

CuteCars Driver Services is a p2p marketplace for all passenger and commercial driven services. In fact CuteCars will add Cars for Sale and Rentals in 2020. We are a car hub and we are aiming for lots of free ad traffic. 

We target niches in marketing campaigns. Here are some- airport rides, prom nights, female friendly, shopping/ collections, and delivery services. We use humor and non-traditional messaging, mostly on social media platforms.

When drivers place ads we cross-market. Here’s an example. If we get listings in Cleveland we target users and visitors to Cleveland, sometimes in conjunction with events, etc. It’s about hashtags and location targeting. 

CuteCars has developed a ‘Request a Quote’ tool which we target to passengers in the same way. Passengers ask for quotes; only available to our advertisers. If you advertise a limo and we get a prom limo inquiry in your area you are going to get a message. 

Free ads for 6 months

This is a launch offer special. The period will never be 6 months again for limo operators. Our purpose is to build up enough content and match them with passengers to get traction and interest. Usually the fee would be less than a dollar a day per vehicle.  

The promo code is: superlimo. Ad listings must be placed before 30th April, 2020

You may list all your vehicles on the same code. Photo uploads proving insurance and license are required. Only legal operators are allowed to advertise. CuteCars App has a strict entry and moderation policy. 

Thanks for your time,

CuteCars App Staff

Limo Owners sign up for gigs on CuteCars

Limo driver opens passengers door

CuteCars App matches driver services and passengers directly, cutting out commission-charging middlemen. We help licensed, permitted and insured passenger services get gigs with a free promo code and low cost ad listing model.  Our mission is to help drivers and customers build long term relationships.

Customers get Choice, Price and Security

On CuteCars a passenger has complete choice of vehicle and driver. CuteCars lists all passenger car, limo and bus services. Classics and characters welcome. 

Drivers set rates and are paid directly by passengers. No % commission fees on fares means massive savings. We encourage regular rides and competitive pricing. The result is a win-win situation for passengers and drivers.

To advertise driver services must be legal and insured according to local laws. No unaccompanied minors. We encourage using female drivers for after school transportation and vulnerable persons.

CuteCars is a comment moderated community; strict on transgressions by all parties. We don’t want to be the biggest platform, just the best!

Driver Services get 6 Months Free Gigs

CuteCars App is running a launch special for driver services. We want to prove that our app features, tools and marketing brings life time customers and excellent value. We are giving 6 months free ad listings for all your vehicles with the promo code: superlimo

The listings must be placed before: 30th April, 2020. Listings may consist of 20 photos and a video link (YouTube or Vimeo). Proof of insurance, license and driver records uploaded (phone camera images). List at: https://cutecars.mobi

CuteCars is about building relationships around services be they luxury, eclectic or simple. Every service has it’s place from luxury limo to hot rod sunset cruises. Characters welcome. 

P.S. Paid ads cost less than a dollar a day!

Awesome features, tools and matching marketing

CuteCars App is a web application; no download required. The app is designed for mobile-first users; ideal on phones and tablets. The app features include advanced one-page search, swipe (tinder), maps, booking calendars, direct calls and chat. Members only calls can be switched off. Chat messaging is very popular. There are no forms or links. Listings are by vehicle. Customers are yours to keep. 

We have a ‘Unique ID Number’ which is a conversion tool to help passengers find drivers. The UID # looks like ABCD123 and is shared verbally, on printed material or on social media. Typed into search the driver personal page is found fast. 

The ‘Request a Quote’ tool allows passengers to get quotes on regular rides and one-off gigs like airport trips and proms. These free ads are searchable and drivers may respond to local requests if they have listings. 

Meanwhile in the background we match local listings and requests by cross-marketing on social media. You don’t just place an ad listing and hope for the best. We target areas according to the needs of both parties. 

Only the beginning

CuteCars App has just started driver registration. Nothing will stop us giving drivers and customers additional tools to make our online service the best. CuteCars is also open to commercial driver services like delivery cars and vans, haulage transportation, tow trucks and any driven service you can imagine. 

Cars for sale are coming soon; car rentals will follow later in 2020. As we tune into your needs we will continue to build our community. We hope you will join us on the quest. Further posts can be found on the blog at https://cutecarsapp.com.

This post was written by CuteCars staff to explain our services. If you like our no middleman approach we hope you will share the post and tell your friends. Thank you.