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Help a delivery driver project in Central Florida

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DriveFreedom is looking for independent own-car delivery drivers to join a pilot project in Central Florida- Tampa, Orlando and surrounding areas. We identify better paying temporary gigs from local restaurants and other businesses and match them with suitable member drivers. 

Our mission is to help our members get better paying gigs, make more money and enjoy better working conditions. Let’s help support local restaurants by cutting out the middleman apps that suck the community dry!

Helping businesses find drivers

Restaurants! Other businesses and individuals! Do you want independent contractor own-car drivers to help you out with shifts, routes and one-off gigs. We can help you find quality drivers to interview. 

Add a ‘Request a Driver’ listing at https://drivefreedom.io. DriveFreedom staff will only pass your information to our member drivers who pass our tests and are a good match for your needs. We seek delivery gigs while avoiding exploitative rates. 

Drivers list for better wages

In this direct p2p ‘classified’ advertising model drivers join the directory. They create directory listings with photos and videos. Most importantly drivers set their own expected rates and conditions of work. For instance a standard car delivery driver may identify with an hourly rate of $15 plus tips. Under ‘Extras’ a driver may propose surcharges for long distances and other considerations. A booking calendar system allows a driver to switch off search on certain days. For instance a driver may not be available on Tuesdays.

The hourly rate indicator will keep away ’employers’ seeking extremely low  rates like $8 an hour inclusive of vehicle. The listing will show how you present yourself and the condition of your vehicle. Also, the listing allows restaurants and other businesses to call for help, even at higher rates when someone goes out sick, orders are high or they see the value of the prospect driver. 

Matching drivers and businesses at fair rates

DriveFreedom is pro-active, always seeking active gigs for drivers. The mission is to create a pool of safe, good delivery drivers while weeding out bad actors. By collecting data the expectation in the pilot project is to advise both groups of acceptable offers and conditions of work. 

In a market shortage of drivers expect that ‘wages’ will be higher, while in a glut of drivers offers may be lower. DriveFreedom wants to promote fair offers, and help drivers avoid exploitation. This is possible by having a pool of willing drivers setting reasonable asking rates and conditions on the platform. 

Whats needed to join the pilot project

To be considered you will need:

  • A suitably insured car. Check with your insurance broker.
  • A clean driving record with no DUIs or criminal record.
  • Drug tests are required by many clients.
  • Preferably over 21 with delivery experience.
  • Be willing and able to lift 50lbs.
  • Be willing to practice coronavirus safety requirements.
  • Be a ‘1099 independent contractor’ not an employee.  

What are the next steps?

Step 1– Registration. Click Home– Add a Car- Driver Services- Start a Free Listing. 
Step 2– Place a Listing. Add a Car- Driver Services- Start a Free Listing. Have photos ready of your clean vehicle, with one of yourself. If you have a YouTube or Vimeo video you can add that link too. Enter a description that shows your value.
Step 3– We will evaluate your listing to see if you are suitable. Once approved you will receive notice of any existing temporary gigs. We will start actively looking for gigs based on your listing. 
Step 4– We will contact you periodically to find out how you are getting along and give you some personal service. 

Do you want to chat?

Do you have questions? Would you like a chat or a call before signing up? 

DriveFreedom Whatsapp: +1-268-764-7464

Please mention the pilot project in your first message. This address and offer will remain active until the 30th July, 2020. This post was edited on 28th June, 2020. 

Prefer Email? Please fill in the form

    Thanks so much!

    Anthony Todd 
    DriveFreedom CEO

    Delivery Driver News and Jobs Report- Week 25

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    15-21 June, 2020

    Here’s what’s happening in the world of delivery driving this week. Keep safe, drive free. 

    Deliver Us from Delivery: Hudson Valley Restaurants on Delivery Apps by Anne Pyburn Craig, Chronogram. While delivery infrastructure in urban centers is well-developed, with ample couriers and a high density of restaurants per capita, in rural areas the distances people regularly to travel to eat out don’t translate well to a delivery model.

    Why Restaurants Pay Ultimate Price in Online Delivery Marketplace by Adriana Kosiba, Modern Restaurant Management. While restaurants may increasingly rely on online delivery marketplaces, they can hinder a restaurant’s overall profitability – commission fees are sometimes as high as 30 percent of the basket. 

    San Francisco’s District Attorney Is Suing DoorDash for Alleged Unfair Business Practices by Eve Batey, Eater San Francisco. SF’s DA says the food delivery company is “cheating its workers”. 

    How Grubhub’s Merger With Just Eat Takeaway Could Affect The U.S. Food Delivery Market by Alicia Kelso, Forbes. The Netherlands based company merged with Grubhub in a deal that could have gone to Uber. What are the implications for the US food service industry?

    Seattle approves premium pay for gig delivery drivers amid coronavirus impacts by Eric Wilkinson, King 5. Seattle City Council has now passed a law requiring third party food delivery companies to pay their employees a $2.50 premium per delivery. It also prohibits companies from passing that cost on to customers.

    Rockville wants to cap food delivery companies’ fees at 15% by Briana Adhikusuma, Bethesda Brief. Rockville, Montgomery, Maryland, is just the latest of many cities seeking to stop food takeout apps from charging restaurants 30% commission fees. 

    Safety organization says it’s seeing uptick in ‘back-over’ accidents involving kids by Donna Pitman, KMBC. Amber Rollins with the safety organization Kids and Cars said the nation is seeing an uptick in the number of tragedies involving children who are backed over or struck by delivery vehicles in front of their homes. 

    Jobs Report

    Here are the cities that temporary gigs for takeout, food, merchandise, medical and courier jobs have been added on https://drivefreedom.io . Most are 1099 independent contractor jobs requiring a car or van. Rates may be hourly, weekly or by piece. We strive to avoid low paying gigs. 

    California- Morgan Hill, Sacramento, Long Beach
    Colorado- Denver
    – Tallahassee, Tampa, Sebastian, Bradenton,
    Georgia– Atlanta, Roswell,  
    Idaho– Boise
    Iowa– Sioux City, West Des Moines
    Kansas– Great Bend 
    Louisiana– Baton Rouge
    Massachusetts– Westport, Fairhaven, Swansea, Boston, New Bedford, Fall River,
    Minnesota– Alexandria, Minneapolis, Baxter, Duluth
    Michigan– Wayne, Farmington Hills, Troy, Brighton, Detroit
    New York– Queens. 
    Rhode Island– Tiverton, 
    Tennessee– Portland, Greenbrier, 
    Texas– Austin 
    Wisconsin– Freedom, Appleton, Green Bay

    Courier driver yellow van

    Drivers Register Here for a free trial period of 120 days, with no obligation. Proof of id, insurance and a photo of vehicle are required. Standard job requirements are to be over 21 years, without criminal convictions and drug free. We send drivers information on new local listings as they arrive. We reach out to local businesses to engage our drivers so it makes sense to register now.

    Businesses add ‘Request a Driver’ Listings

    Dog in the car window

    Customers Register Here for a free ‘Request a Driver’ listing, with no obligation. We promise to match you with gig drivers to interview. Fill in the form right now as drivers join everyday. We reach out to drivers based on the gigs we have so it makes sense to register now

    About DriveFreedom

    DriveFreedom is a direct ‘classified ads’ marketplace and matching service for self-employed, legal and insured contractors. We help drivers get gigs and build long term relationships. The current driver’s trial period is 120 days. ‘Request a Driver’ listings are free. No commission fees are every charged. Learn more on the blog at https://drivefreedom.info.

    Journalists Contact Us with delivery driver story leads to be included in next week’s distributed post. Please sign up for the newsletter and help spread the word about DriveFreedom. Our mission is noble; cutting out middleman commission fees with direct p2p classified listings, often free. 

    Join & we’ll donate to FeedingAmerica.org

    DriveFreedom will donate $5 for every driver that places a free ad listing on https://drivefreedom.io before 30th June, 2020. When you place your free listing you will get sent an UID# AAAA_ _ _. Fill in the form below to confirm your gift. 

      Our new name is ‘DriveFreedom’

      Furniture van

      We are changing our name from CuteCars to DriveFreedom. Some people didn’t care as much for cute as we did. DriveFreedom encapsulates what we believe in. Freedom of choice in vehicle services, sales and rentals.

      Our first category is Driver Services offering delivery, shopping, mom’s taxi, date night, shuttles, airport rides, passenger, limousine, party bus, coach, tours, tow trucks, removals, haulage and other road transportation, except bikes.  

      Our business model is:

      • Direct listings in the automotive and mobility markets.
      • A modern version of ‘Classified Advertising’.
      • A web application designed primarily for mobile devices.
      • Advertising listings featuring the actual vehicle.
      • Designed to offer Choice of vehicle and driver.
      • No middleman commission fees designed to lower Price
      • Security by interviewing and engaging regular drivers.
      • Open to everyone- P2P, B2C, B2B.
      • The offering of single and regular driving gigs.
      • ‘Request a Driver’ listings for gig ’employers’.

      The features and tools of the PWapp still include:

      • One-page advanced, easy Elasticsearch.
      • Swipe technology fast viewing of listing cards.
      • Search by lists for those that prefer.
      • Extensive use of maps for localization.
      • Booking calendars switch off search.
      • Moderated comments keep everyone honest.
      • Direct calling by members only. 
      • Direct chat messaging between members.
      • UID # marketing tool for leads.
      • Matching service with algorithms.  

      We will still control access to keep our members safe and in compliance with the law. The actual entry requirements vary according to location of the service.

      • All advertisers must be compliance with local law.
      • All advertisers must be legally insured.
      • Insurance must include mandated liability coverage.
      • Requirements for delivery drivers own vehicles are lower.
      • Passenger carrying vehicles must be of the for-hire type.
      • Commercial vehicles have particular requirements.
      • Ownership papers are required of for-sale vehicles.
      • Rental vehicles must be correctly insured.
      • Drivers must be legal on the road in every aspect. 
      • Abusive users are excluded from the service. 
      • Acknowledgement that we are not an employer.
      • Listings are advertisements only, at your own risk.

      Launch pricing for the new service will be as follows:

      • A 60 day trial period with no further obligation.
      • No credit card required during the trial period.
      • After the free period $3.95 each
      • Payable in 3, 6, or 12 month tranches.
      • Paid listings are promoted in front of free listings.
      • No requirement to remain.
      • No further fees of any kind.
      • Join now! Offers are subject to change. 

      DriveFreedom promises new tools and help for members. We understand that we grow solely on our ability to deliver results. Your comments and questions are welcome below.

      We hope to complete migration to the new name by 1st June, 2020. Until then review, search, and place listings at https://cutecars.mobi.

      The DriveFreedom Staff

      A Revolution Born of Misfortune: Are Request-a-Driver Platforms the Next Big Thing?

      As you are well aware, the emergence of the global pandemic has given rise to new industries, technologies, and consumer markets that we might have never considered. Though the circumstances of all this innovation are unfortunate and tragic, we are forced to look forward to what the world will look like through the remainder of worldwide stay-at-home orders and in the future beyond.

      One of the industries that are enjoying increased traffic and widespread awareness is any platform or business that offers a delivery service. With people scared to leave their homes, a delivery service has become the most affordable and safest route to getting items to your residence, group, or business location.

      Class Action Suits and Facebook Groups

      However the current batch of widely popular food apps have been getting bad press lately. Restaurants and drivers are fed up with, what they claim, are extortionate fees. GrubHub, DoorDash, Uber Eats and Postmates are big middlemen in the takeout delivery app game.

      This has gone so far that a class action lawsuit has been filed in the U.S. District Court for the Southern District of New York claiming delivery apps charge restaurants fees ranging from 13% to 40% of revenues, while the average restaurant’s profits range from 3% to 9% of revenues. You can read about Frank LLP’s filing here

      According to a Forbes Council post customers unwittingly pay up to 40% more by ordering from apps like GrubHub, UberEats, DoorDash and Postmates. A survey of 42,000 users also found 35% of customers has experienced problems with orders. The restaurant shares the blame regardless of the fault. I recommend you read the article linked if you have considered setting up to employ your own drivers. 

      The restaurants are seeing less value from the relationship at a higher cost. Drivers receive a small fraction of the fees. Drivers are slowly coming around to distrusting middlemen apps and Facebook groups like Runner City – Request a Delivery, have popped up in Texas, according to Spectrum Local News. On these groups drivers find and negotiate with drivers directly.

      Many restaurants do have their own ordering pages and delivery drivers and are battling to drive more direct traffic. Customers are slowly coming around to the fact that it is way better to support local restaurants directly, without making the middlemen rich. Will it be enough?

      Not just takeouts

      This isn’t just limited to takeouts. The desire of drivers and suppliers to go direct and cut out the middleman extends to groceries, beverages, snacks and non-essential goods. Many products can be delivered by a freelance or gig driver that has decided to offer their services to consumers and businesses alike.

      So, is the gig economy ready to change? Are Request-a-Driver platforms going to become the new normal as thousands of people become familiar with them with each passing day? Startup CuteCars App is betting so.

      CuteCars App: A New Way to Gig

      CuteCarsApp presents a new way to rent out your time, your ride, and your delivery services. The innovative aspect of CuteCarsApp is that it is not limited to one industry or niche. It helps customers- businesses, groups or individuals- get the delivery services they want at an affordable price without limitations of isolation to food, groceries, or any other products. If you need an item transported from one place to another, you can use a large selection of freelance or gig drivers to accomplish your goal.

      Drivers on the CuteCars platform are direct to those that require the service. No middleman % commission or service fees are charged to drivers or customers. Drivers get paid by the end user. CuteCars uses a free and low cost ad listing method, similar to car-for-sale platforms, however with more advanced tools usual with an app designed for mobile devices.

      Opening Eyes to a New Way of Doing Things

      With more people staying at home than ever before, the benefit of having a reliable delivery service is being realized now more than ever. CuteCars App is reaching out to drivers to join the (currently free) service so that they can eventually escape the tyranny of middleman apps. Drivers are totally independent and direct to the end user, free to take gigs or stay offline (switch off search) without censure. 

      CuteCars is also reaching out to businesses- restaurants, supermarkets, grocers, fish mongers, wine merchants, pharmacies and many more small businesses- to offer them a source of temporary or gig drivers. Businesses can fill out a ‘Request a Driver’ ad listings, as well as search drivers. 

      Businesses are not the only customers. Groups like churches and building supervisors can ’employ’ gig drivers. Individuals can also find gig drivers to pick up and deliver parcels between homes. The service is ideal for sending food hampers and gifts to families and friends.

      Shopping and other services

      Drivers are encouraged to develop niche services like shopping, drop-off and collection, and any other errand and service they can dream up. Of course, Covid-19  Coronavirus is best suited for essential goods in hotspots but this will change. 

      CuteCars is very keen for drivers to develop one-on-one relationships with households to alleviate not only the short term pains of our virus era but to fulfill the new way of doing business directly online. Will this approach work? CuteCars is betting on it.

      CuteCars App has begun free registration of drivers and customers in English speaking countries. Drivers and businesses are matched using technology and cross-marketing. Listings may be limited in the beta period to first-come-first-served. Customers, like businesses, should complete the ‘Request a Driver’ form as drivers are added every day.  

      The message from CEO Anthony Todd is: “We find dozens of new temporary and gig delivery jobs for our driver members every day. Every driver that joins gets directed to existing gig offers, many of which pay more than $25 an hour with tips. Our members get to keep customers forever. It’s the perfect way for driver services looking to escape the tyranny of middlemen apps. Our launch offer is a free service for a limited number of members.”