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We are changing our name from CuteCars to DriveFreedom. Some people didn’t care as much for cute as we did. DriveFreedom encapsulates what we believe in. Freedom of choice in vehicle services, sales and rentals.

Our first category is Driver Services offering delivery, shopping, mom’s taxi, date night, shuttles, airport rides, passenger, limousine, party bus, coach, tours, tow trucks, removals, haulage and other road transportation, except bikes.  

Our business model is:

  • Direct listings in the automotive and mobility markets.
  • A modern version of ‘Classified Advertising’.
  • A web application designed primarily for mobile devices.
  • Advertising listings featuring the actual vehicle.
  • Designed to offer Choice of vehicle and driver.
  • No middleman commission fees designed to lower Price
  • Security by interviewing and engaging regular drivers.
  • Open to everyone- P2P, B2C, B2B.
  • The offering of single and regular driving gigs.
  • ‘Request a Driver’ listings for gig ’employers’.

The features and tools of the PWapp still include:

  • One-page advanced, easy Elasticsearch.
  • Swipe technology fast viewing of listing cards.
  • Search by lists for those that prefer.
  • Extensive use of maps for localization.
  • Booking calendars switch off search.
  • Moderated comments keep everyone honest.
  • Direct calling by members only. 
  • Direct chat messaging between members.
  • UID # marketing tool for leads.
  • Matching service with algorithms.  

We will still control access to keep our members safe and in compliance with the law. The actual entry requirements vary according to location of the service.

  • All advertisers must be compliance with local law.
  • All advertisers must be legally insured.
  • Insurance must include mandated liability coverage.
  • Requirements for delivery drivers own vehicles are lower.
  • Passenger carrying vehicles must be of the for-hire type.
  • Commercial vehicles have particular requirements.
  • Ownership papers are required of for-sale vehicles.
  • Rental vehicles must be correctly insured.
  • Drivers must be legal on the road in every aspect. 
  • Abusive users are excluded from the service. 
  • Acknowledgement that we are not an employer.
  • Listings are advertisements only, at your own risk.

Launch pricing for the new service will be as follows:

  • A 60 day trial period with no further obligation.
  • No credit card required during the trial period.
  • After the free period $3.95 each
  • Payable in 3, 6, or 12 month tranches.
  • Paid listings are promoted in front of free listings.
  • No requirement to remain.
  • No further fees of any kind.
  • Join now! Offers are subject to change. 

DriveFreedom promises new tools and help for members. We understand that we grow solely on our ability to deliver results. Your comments and questions are welcome below.

We hope to complete migration to the new name by 1st June, 2020. Until then review, search, and place listings at

The DriveFreedom Staff