DriveFreedom (formerly CuteCars App) opened for registration in April 2020 after a long period of development and market research. During that time Anthony Todd, the founder, completed the YCombinator Online Startup School program. 

We are ready for every challenge, including Covid-19, and will not give up before we are successful. If that is the kind of partner you want then we’d like to hear from you. 

Seed Funding: Requesting US $ 250,000
Equity: TBC

I respectively submit that this investment would suit Angel/ Pre-Seed Investors with the following attributes:

  • Comfortable with the ad listing directory format.
  • Understand the disruptive nature of DriveFreedom.
  • Have a fondness for cars and mobility services.
  • Will invest in a startup based in Antigua and Barbuda and/or Florida.
  • Understand this is a early stage opportunity.
  • Want to help build an important technology company.

Thank You,

Anthony Todd

Founder CEO