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Most Uber and Lyft drivers can only join to deliver. Not many will qualify to drive passengers. CuteCars is a direct p2p platform for legal driver services. We do not provide any passenger insurance and only serve as an advertising platform. However, neither do we charge commission fees of over 25% a ride and our services will help you get regular customers.

Finding out about legal requirements

Commercial operators with limousines, town cars, SUVs and wedding cars are good examples of legal passenger services allowed to advertise on CuteCars App. Each city jurisdiction has it’s own rules about drivers and vehicles. Common requirements may include commercial licenses, drug tests, safety checks, company formation, liability insurance and dispatching rules for taxis. 

If you are already licensed and permitted to carry private passengers you can join CuteCars App easily. If not you must contact your local Motor Vehicles Department. You could also ask legal limo operators, insurance brokers and lawyers about local requirements. Requirements differ everywhere so only seek advise where you plan to carry passengers. 

Unfortunately the rules are many and support entrench, vested interests. CuteCars supports constructive change but won’t support illegal driver services. 

Non-passenger delivery gigs on CuteCars 

If you prefer not to become a legal passenger service CuteCars may still be able to help you with deliveries, shopping and collections. You may not carry passengers but you can still carry parcels and goods. 

Usually delivery gigs with cars, SUVs and small vans may only require standard insurance. However larger vans may require commercial licenses and insurance. Again, always ask your local DMV. Check with your insurance broker and maybe consult with a lawyer.

It’s good business practice to register as a sole proprietor, an LLC or similar. A bank account will be required if you plan to get a mobile credit card reader (recommended). You’ll have to do your taxes and you should organize appropriately. 

Good news! The delivery sector is growing even with Corona Virus. CuteCars will help you get frequent work and better rates.

Delivery driver registration starts soon

We will announce delivery driver registration in the next week or two. You will get a promo code with 6 months free ads. To learn more about CuteCars read other posts on this blog. 

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Which Uber and Lyft drivers can join CuteCars?
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Which Uber and Lyft drivers can join CuteCars?
Most Uber and Lyft drivers can only join as delivery drivers. Not many will qualify as passenger drivers. CuteCars is a direct p2p platform for legal driver services.
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