Covid19 Ride

Please tell us how Driver Services are being affected by Covid19 aka Coronavirus, and how drivers, owners and passengers are meeting the challenge. By our definition Driver Services are all passenger and commercial services carried out with a driver at the wheel of a road transportation vehicle. 

Passengers and Customers

  • To what extent are you still using private and public transportation?
  • Are you working from home?
  • Do you expect vehicles to be sanitized?
  • Do you expect vehicles to have driver-passenger barriers? 
  • Would you pay more for a ‘safer option’?
  • Are you buying more online?
  • Do you consider pizza and other cooked food deliveries safe?
  • What would you like to see?

Drivers and Owners

  • Have you seen a big drop off in your business? 
  • What are customers asking for? 
  • Have you virus-proofed your passenger vehicle?
  • How is Covid19 affecting your non-passenger business?

Where are we going with this?

Right now we are interested in opinions being shared. If demand is high we may add polls or a survey. We will use the results to suggest temporary fixes and operational changes in the markets we serve. The posts will be on this blog site, Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. Please sign up for our newsletters and join our social media platforms. 

Please comment below

Please place your comments below. Let’s work together. Comments are moderated to prevent abuse and stupidness (a lovely Caribbean expression). 

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How will Covid-19 affect driver services?
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How will Covid-19 affect driver services?
How is your driver service being affected by Covid-19 Coronavirus? Do you have a strategy going forward?
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CuteCars App
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