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You are currently visiting the CuteCars Blogosphere at The blog is where we explain all the functions and opportunities presented by the CuteCars App.

The CuteCars App has it’s own dedicated space at It’s an advanced progressive web application designed to be viewed on mobile devices- smart phones and tablets. Unlike store apps it doesn’t need to be downloaded. It just works.

A Sample Listing

Please open this page to see a listing: SAMPLE LIMO LISTING

You will be able to scroll the page and view the contents in any browser on a smart phone, tablet or laptop.

To explain what you will encounter I have broken down the page into screenshots with explanations.

Screenshot Driver Services 1

In the screenshot above you will see the header with four buttons- menu, search, account, chat notifications.
The menu slides out
The search button is a link
The account button is your own account settings
Chat notifications is where you will receive messages direct from customers and occasionally from management.

The map icon is a link to the vehicle location base. You can change the central location of the service at any time.

Name and photo on the right. That’s me, Anthony Todd CEO

The heading is Make, Model, Exterior Color, Year.
Followed by the service. We plan to release other categories like Sales & Rentals.
The service in the sample is offered hourly. In this case the owner declines to offer the service daily, weekly, or monthly.

Screenshot Driver Services 2

Next is the description you wrote, which would normally be longer that this. An extra box will add payment details and extras. As a self-employed advertiser you decide your service. However we require price transparency and local legal compliance.

The media gallery will feature up to 20 images. CuteCars is about developing relationships and we suggest you add personal driver photos as well as vehicle pictures. We delete fuzzy images. Please resize large images before uploading.

You may also add a YouTube or Vimeo link. The video will appear here.

Screenshot Driver Services 3

The Unique ID # is a helpful tool for you to market your service verbally, on business cards and in social media. In this case CuteCars App AAAA039 would be all a customer needs to quickly search for your listing. Rideshare drivers can use it to convert passengers to regular customers without taking their hands off the wheel.

1. Click;
2. Select Search Magnifier top left, menu DRIVER SERVICES.
3. Look for Unique ID # below map. Type in AAAA039.
4. Check box ‘I agree to CuteCars Terms..’.
5. Click SEARCH button. You’ll get to a card file of the Driver Service.
6. Click i for Information.
7. You are back at the sample listing page.

Advertisers can choose from multiple currencies to display. In this case only the hourly rate is completed. Although extras are allowed try and keep prices real. Users are allowed to post negative comments and a lack of pricing transparency may effect reviews.

Screenshot Driver Services 4

The schedule is handy. It lets the advertiser block off the days the car is booked. If the car is not available on this calendar it will not be shown in search. The user can also view ahead for booking issues. Avoid saying sorry to customers when you can’t supply the advertised product.

Screenshot Driver Services 5

CuteCars App is a direct p2p platform with no forms or links allowed. A user may call you on the phone number you provided. We suggest you give a personal mobile phone number if possible. Phone calls can be switched off, opening chat instead.

Many mobile-first users and the Millennial generation prefer using chat to contact advertisers. In this case the user will send a message first. You will get an email notice of this chat message too, so that you don’t miss business inquiries.

Share to social media, add a new listing or close the page buttons are below that.

Finally, we allow comments from members only. These are moderated by admin and used to remove bad actors from the platform. CuteCars reserves the right to remove both advertisers and users. We want to create the best driver community for everyone.

Thanks you. Comments are welcome below this post.

P2P ad listing platform matching drivers with customers
Service Type
P2P ad listing platform matching drivers with customers
Provider Name
CuteCars App,
Here is what your driver services ad listing will look like in CuteCars App. You can post up to 20 images and a video.