Driver delivers food to a home

DriveFreedom Classifieds has launched a new tool called ‘Request a Driver’ to help restaurants and other customers reach delivery drivers looking for hours, shifts and gigs. The home delivery market has continued to grow as the Covid-19 pandemic has exploded the need for drivers, especially in the takeout and grocery food markets. 

Many restaurants, suppliers and stores now want to grow their own-car delivery teams in an effort to cut costs. Commission fees from apps like DoorDash are killing profits. DriveFreedom is not like that. 

DriveFreedom Classifieds helps member drivers get regular gigs and build long term relationships with businesses through classified-style listings and a pro-active marketing and matching service.

“Our delivery driver service cannot be beaten on Price, Choice or Security.  We charge no commission fees with our direct p2p service. Customers have ultimate choice and with that added security,” says Anthony Todd, DriveFreedom Founder. 

Anyone can ‘Request-a-Driver’

Any business, group or individual can complete the ‘Request a Driver’ listing seeking one time or regular gig drivers. The request is centered around map location, type of vehicle and services. For instance a pizza restaurant in Detroit can request delivery drivers for interviews because of a flux in orders or a desire to bypass DoorDash fees.  A florist needs extra drivers for Mother’s Day. A pharmacy needs extra drivers for routes. 

The purpose of the RAD listing is two fold. The actual listing is searchable by users. Drive Freedom staff are alerted to the request and set out to find drivers that match.

The RAD listing does not include the identity of the customer, and DriveFreedom vets applicants. All drivers on the platform have to become members, pass the entry requirements and submit a Driver Services listing before having access to RAD listings. Delivery drivers that join are given leads of available local gigs. 

Customers Start Here

Please place your Request-a-Driver listings for free now at We will send you drivers asap. 

No commission fees

DriveFreedom Classifieds is not a commission fee charging middleman app like GrubHub, DoorDash or UberEats. It is an advanced directory listing app. Think Craigslist or letgo app, but for automobile sales and services. In our case the ‘buy side’ listing is ‘Request a Driver’, while the ‘sell side’ is Driver Services listings by vehicle. We act as the match maker. 

“Our model cannot be beaten on Price. By doing away with commission fees the entire income can be shared by restaurants and drivers, with nothing wasted on the middleman app”, says Anthony Todd. 

Drivers and restaurants can save hundreds of dollars a month, while customers get much better prices. Commission fee middlemen apps often take 20% to 30% of the final bill. 

Drivers Wanted- Start Here

Like most directory sites DriveFreedom Classifieds makes money by giving a lot of ad listings away. In our case we give drivers a 120 day free trial period with no further obligation. Those that remain after the free period will pay less than a dollar a day. This is an introductory offer and drivers should join free asap to take advantage of the long free period. 

The mobile web application has many advanced features- easy one-page search, fast swipe, maps, sharp photos, videos, booking calendar, comments, direct call and chat. The UID # is a marketing tool drivers can share to get more work. As a technology focused company we plan to add more features. 

Drivers go to home page, click Add A Car- Driver Service- click Free Ad. You will need vehicle photos, a mugshot, driver’s license, a clean driving record, and standard vehicle insurance. 

We guarantee free leads for delivery drivers seeking restaurant shifts in Detroit RIGHT NOW!


Drivers that advertise on DriveFreedom Classifieds are independent contractors and/or registered businesses. They are required to be licensed, permitted and adequately insured with mandated liability coverage, according to local laws before advertising. The requirements for delivery cars are low while passenger carriers are for-hire businesses like limousine operators with high entry access requirements. 

While DriveFreedom has access controls it is the duty of the ’employer’ to interview the driver and agree to the terms before using the driver. DriveFreedom is only an advertising medium, not an employer. The site is moderated to remove bad actors on both sides. We don’t need to be the biggest, just the best. 


If you want to make contact with your questions, or to tell us about your needs you can reach us on WhatsApp +1 (268) 764-7464 or Facebook via Messenger. For those that prefer, fill in the email form. Let’s work together to end commission fee apps hold over your delivery orders.