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Welcome! DriveFreedom helps independent own-car drivers get gigs and build relationships. The mobile web application works as a two-way marketplace using ‘classified’ ads for drivers and ‘Request-a-Driver’ ads attracting drivers. DriveFreedom staff then match drivers and jobs. All ads and matching services are free during the launch period. Please place ads and search directly at https://drivefreedom.io

Who can ‘Request-a-Driver’?

  • Restaurants seeking takeout delivery drivers.
  • All merchants- grocers, wine, delicatessens, box stores, etc.
  • Other businesses and couriers.
  • Individuals willing to pay hourly rates for shoppers and chores.
  • Anyone, everyone who needs a driver.

Which drivers can register/ advertise on DriveFreedom?

  • Drivers use own vehicles to work hourly gigs, shifts, routes.
  • Drivers and vehicles must be road legal and insured.
  • All drivers are independent contractors- usually 1099 designation.
  • Employers set requirements for interviews. 
  • Contact and payment is direct between customer and driver.
  • DriveFreedom is solely an advertising platform. 

Ready to ‘Request-a-Driver’?

During Corona Virus the biggest demand is for delivery drivers with vehicles. While DriveFreedom does not set rates we encourage fair pay above minimum wage plus tips. After all, customers are using their vehicles to deliver your product. Besides, if you offer super low rates you probably won’t get any decent drivers. 

You may add ‘Request-a-Driver’ free listings at https://drivefreedom.io, or if you prefer, just fill in the form and we will do it for you. There is no fee and we will give your details to our registered drivers. From time to time we may recommend new drivers as they register/ advertise on our platform. 

Click for information on Terms of Service and Privacy Policy. Do you have questions? Contact Us.