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Managers, do you prefer food delivery apps that charge commission fees like UberEats, DoorDash or GrubHub? Or do you employ drivers-with-vehicles? Do you prefer paying drivers by hour, mileage or order? Answer these questions and help us build the best driver-direct-to-business matching service.

We are running a similar survey of food delivery drivers. As a respondent to either you will be given the survey results of both. Our aim at DriveFreedom Classifieds is to bridge the disconnect between the needs of drivers and restaurants. DriveFreedom is an Ad Listing Marketplace with unique tools for drivers. Basically, we help our driver members get gigs and create direct relationships with businesses. No commission fees ever. 

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Which food delivery apps does your restaurant use?

Does the preferred delivery app provide a fair deal?

Please comment on your delivery app experience:

Do you employ drivers to deliver with company vehicles?

Do you employ drivers to deliver with their own vehicles?

How do you prefer to pay delivery drivers?

Tips excluded, what do you pay drivers?

Choose all options you consider fair:

What are your biggest challenges in employing drivers?

What would your ideal delivery app do?

How may we contact you?

This is optional. If you'd like survey results we will need your name, restaurant name and contact details- email or WhatsApp. If you need drivers now then tell us here and we will reach out to help.

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