Limo driver opens passengers door

CuteCars App matches driver services and passengers directly, cutting out commission-charging middlemen. We help licensed, permitted and insured passenger services get gigs with a free promo code and low cost ad listing model.  Our mission is to help drivers and customers build long term relationships.

Customers get Choice, Price and Security

On CuteCars a passenger has complete choice of vehicle and driver. CuteCars lists all passenger car, limo and bus services. Classics and characters welcome. 

Drivers set rates and are paid directly by passengers. No % commission fees on fares means massive savings. We encourage regular rides and competitive pricing. The result is a win-win situation for passengers and drivers.

To advertise driver services must be legal and insured according to local laws. No unaccompanied minors. We encourage using female drivers for after school transportation and vulnerable persons.

CuteCars is a comment moderated community; strict on transgressions by all parties. We don’t want to be the biggest platform, just the best!

Driver Services get 6 Months Free Gigs

CuteCars App is running a launch special for driver services. We want to prove that our app features, tools and marketing brings life time customers and excellent value. We are giving 6 months free ad listings for all your vehicles with the promo code: superlimo

The listings must be placed before: 30th April, 2020. Listings may consist of 20 photos and a video link (YouTube or Vimeo). Proof of insurance, license and driver records uploaded (phone camera images). List at:

CuteCars is about building relationships around services be they luxury, eclectic or simple. Every service has it’s place from luxury limo to hot rod sunset cruises. Characters welcome. 

P.S. Paid ads cost less than a dollar a day!

Awesome features, tools and matching marketing

CuteCars App is a web application; no download required. The app is designed for mobile-first users; ideal on phones and tablets. The app features include advanced one-page search, swipe (tinder), maps, booking calendars, direct calls and chat. Members only calls can be switched off. Chat messaging is very popular. There are no forms or links. Listings are by vehicle. Customers are yours to keep. 

We have a ‘Unique ID Number’ which is a conversion tool to help passengers find drivers. The UID # looks like ABCD123 and is shared verbally, on printed material or on social media. Typed into search the driver personal page is found fast. 

The ‘Request a Quote’ tool allows passengers to get quotes on regular rides and one-off gigs like airport trips and proms. These free ads are searchable and drivers may respond to local requests if they have listings. 

Meanwhile in the background we match local listings and requests by cross-marketing on social media. You don’t just place an ad listing and hope for the best. We target areas according to the needs of both parties. 

Only the beginning

CuteCars App has just started driver registration. Nothing will stop us giving drivers and customers additional tools to make our online service the best. CuteCars is also open to commercial driver services like delivery cars and vans, haulage transportation, tow trucks and any driven service you can imagine. 

Cars for sale are coming soon; car rentals will follow later in 2020. As we tune into your needs we will continue to build our community. We hope you will join us on the quest. Further posts can be found on the blog at

This post was written by CuteCars staff to explain our services. If you like our no middleman approach we hope you will share the post and tell your friends. Thank you. 

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CuteCars helps limo drivers get gigs and build relationships. P2P platform; no commission fees. All legal driver services get free ad listings with a promo code.