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DriveFreedom is looking for independent own-car delivery drivers to join a pilot project in Central Florida- Tampa, Orlando and surrounding areas. We identify better paying temporary gigs from local restaurants and other businesses and match them with suitable member drivers. 

Our mission is to help our members get better paying gigs, make more money and enjoy better working conditions. Let’s help support local restaurants by cutting out the middleman apps that suck the community dry!

Helping businesses find drivers

Restaurants! Other businesses and individuals! Do you want independent contractor own-car drivers to help you out with shifts, routes and one-off gigs. We can help you find quality drivers to interview. 

Add a ‘Request a Driver’ listing at DriveFreedom staff will only pass your information to our member drivers who pass our tests and are a good match for your needs. We seek delivery gigs while avoiding exploitative rates. 

Drivers list for better wages

In this direct p2p ‘classified’ advertising model drivers join the directory. They create directory listings with photos and videos. Most importantly drivers set their own expected rates and conditions of work. For instance a standard car delivery driver may identify with an hourly rate of $15 plus tips. Under ‘Extras’ a driver may propose surcharges for long distances and other considerations. A booking calendar system allows a driver to switch off search on certain days. For instance a driver may not be available on Tuesdays.

The hourly rate indicator will keep away ’employers’ seeking extremely low  rates like $8 an hour inclusive of vehicle. The listing will show how you present yourself and the condition of your vehicle. Also, the listing allows restaurants and other businesses to call for help, even at higher rates when someone goes out sick, orders are high or they see the value of the prospect driver. 

Matching drivers and businesses at fair rates

DriveFreedom is pro-active, always seeking active gigs for drivers. The mission is to create a pool of safe, good delivery drivers while weeding out bad actors. By collecting data the expectation in the pilot project is to advise both groups of acceptable offers and conditions of work. 

In a market shortage of drivers expect that ‘wages’ will be higher, while in a glut of drivers offers may be lower. DriveFreedom wants to promote fair offers, and help drivers avoid exploitation. This is possible by having a pool of willing drivers setting reasonable asking rates and conditions on the platform. 

Whats needed to join the pilot project

To be considered you will need:

  • A suitably insured car. Check with your insurance broker.
  • A clean driving record with no DUIs or criminal record.
  • Drug tests are required by many clients.
  • Preferably over 21 with delivery experience.
  • Be willing and able to lift 50lbs.
  • Be willing to practice coronavirus safety requirements.
  • Be a ‘1099 independent contractor’ not an employee.  

What are the next steps?

Step 1– Registration. Click Home– Add a Car- Driver Services- Start a Free Listing. 
Step 2– Place a Listing. Add a Car- Driver Services- Start a Free Listing. Have photos ready of your clean vehicle, with one of yourself. If you have a YouTube or Vimeo video you can add that link too. Enter a description that shows your value.
Step 3– We will evaluate your listing to see if you are suitable. Once approved you will receive notice of any existing temporary gigs. We will start actively looking for gigs based on your listing. 
Step 4– We will contact you periodically to find out how you are getting along and give you some personal service. 

Do you want to chat?

Do you have questions? Would you like a chat or a call before signing up? 

DriveFreedom Whatsapp: +1-268-764-7464

Please mention the pilot project in your first message. This address and offer will remain active until the 30th July, 2020. This post was edited on 28th June, 2020. 

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