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Delivery Drivers- Which food delivery app do you drive for? Are you satisfied? Do you ever drive directly for restaurants? How much do you expect to be paid? What is your ideal restaurant food delivery solution? We welcome your opinions!

We are running a similar survey of restaurant managers. As a respondent to either you will be given the survey results of both. Our aim at DriveFreedom Classifieds is to bridge the disconnect between the needs of drivers and restaurants. DriveFreedom is an Ad Listing Marketplace with unique tools for drivers. Basically, we help our driver members get gigs and create direct relationships with businesses. No commission fees ever. 

Thanks for contributing. 

Which delivery apps do you drive for?

Are you getting all the delivery gigs you want?

How satisfied are you with your delivery app?

Tips excluded, what do you earn on average per hour before vehicle expenses?

Do you think food delivery apps give restaurants a fair deal?

Do you ever delivery directly for restaurants?

(Off-app, shift, hourly or piece work)

Why don't you deliver directly for restaurants?

At what pay rate would you deliver directly for restaurants in a 3 mile radius?

(All expenses covered by you, tips excluded- your bottom line.)

Would you post a public ad listing on DriveFreedom to be matched with businesses?

If No, what are your main concerns

What would be your ideal food delivery solution?

How do we contact you?

If you want feedback on the surveys we'll need your name, email address or WhatsApp number.

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