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A San Francisco Superior Judge ordered Uber and Lyft to employ their drivers by Thursday under the Assembly Bill 5 ruling. Luckily for them a stay of execution was ordered on Friday. The parties will head back to court to make their cases by mid-October. California voters will get a say in the November election as Prop 22, if passed, gives drivers more work flexibility, and will allow the TNC ride-hailing model to survive. 

If Uber and Lyft decide to leave California all 100% of drivers would be affected. If they stay but are forced to make changes they claim 80% of drivers would be laid off and millions of passengers have to find other ways to travel. 

It’s complicated as to why Uber and Lyft are considered employers by the state of California. In essence they play a major role in dispatching for-hire cars, running the process and being involved in the payment process. Other middleman gig apps face the same issues. Other countries are already regulating the same way as California and other states are watching closely. In our humble opinion the middleman commission fee model has a serious Achilles Heel. 

The solution is the ‘classified ad’ model

DriveFreedom takes a more hands off approach by offering a ‘classified advertising’ service to legal driver services. Here’s how it works. Drivers place a free ad listing of the vehicle, hourly rate and services provided on the mobile web application at  Users swipe through results to find the perfect match. Certified customers are allowed to call or chat directly with driver advertisers to confirm gig prices. Payment is direct to drivers and the greatest advantage is regular work. Our byline is, “We help drivers get gigs and build relationships.”

The ‘classified ad listings’ are supported by advanced technology tools to help drivers get gigs and manage the experience. A key component is the matching service DriveFreedom offers advertisers free of charge. 

Legal And Insurance Requirements for Passenger Services

Unlike Uber or Lyft, DriveFreedom is not for everyone. Advertisers must have legal permits and permissions subject to local laws. An example of a legal for-hire passenger business is a limo company with airport cars, town cars, SUVs, limousines, party buses and coaches. Any independent contractor registered with the DMV authority can advertise on DriveFreedom. 

The laws include mandated commercial vehicle insurance requirements for different sized passenger carriers. DriveFreedom does not provide any insurance. Advertisers must have the appropriate insurance before advertising on DriveFreedom. Speak to your insurance broker. 

Requirements for Non-Passenger Services

If you deliver takeouts or groceries using your car the legal and insurance requirements are much less bothersome than driving passengers. Rules  differ between jurisdictions so check with your local DMV. Some insurance companies are now covering delivery drivers, so check with your insurance broker too. Larger commercial vehicles require a higher level of permissions and insurance while bicycle couriers require very little.

DriveFreedom does not provide insurance. Some businesses customers. like restaurants, may provide partial insurance for gig delivery drivers. Speak to your local insurance broker about options. Commercial insurance is the ideal if you drive a lot and want ‘peace of mind’.

Now that you are legal

DriveFreedom is starting a pilot program in California for 1,000 free driver services ad listings across the following services:
Delivery- bikes, cars and vans
Passenger- airport rides, non-metered taxis, carriers
Events- weddings, proms, date night
Commercial- furniture, removals, towing
Our object is to help the initial batch in the pilot program keep very busy before adding new listings. As a startup the roll-out will be helpful for testing our matching capabilities. To avoid disappointment advertise now at Ad listings are free for 120 days, then less than $1 a day if you stay. No commission fees are ever charged. 

Superior features and tools

DriveFreedom is more than just the ‘Craigslist of driver services’. Here are features and tools:
Easy one-page elasticsearch
Fast swipe through cards
Clear photos policy
Videos- YouTube & Vimeo embeds
Booking Calendar to switch off search
Moderated comments
Members only direct phone calls
Members only chat messaging
Unique ID # for sharing 
Request a Driver ads for businesses
Free matching service

Ditch the middlemen!

Uber, Lyft and others work as middlemen and take fees accordingly. With sound business principles an independent driver services contractor can get private business direct from the community.

During coronavirus takeout is very popular and there is a demand from restaurants for delivery drivers. Register for delivery and we will help match you with local restaurants that pay decent rates and tips. 

If you exhibit special coronavirus care procedures on your display page you may become popular because you care. Passengers seek a safe environment and lady drivers are popular with females and families. On DriveFreedom the customer has choice of car and driver. 

If Uber/ Lyft leave California or not, DriveFreedom offers an alternative independent driver contractors should consider. Join the pilot for free at while spaces are vacant. 

In Conclusion

DriveFreedom App wants to hear from potential partners in California who understand the vision and are ready to help drivers and customers meet without middlemen.

Stay Safe,
Anthony Todd CEO.