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Are you an experienced food delivery driver with your own vehicle? Have you driven for a middleman app like DoorDash, or UberEats? Do you need more, better paid work? If so, you have come to the right place.

And it costs you nothing! 

Direct to the Customer

DriveFreedom Classifieds is a p2p platform engineered to help drivers get gigs and build direct relationships with customers. We do this with free ad listings: 

  • Driver Services ad listings for drivers (120 days free)
  • Request-a-Driver ad listings for customers (60 days free)

Our staff actively seek out customers like restaurants, caterers, florists, wine merchants, grocers, groups and even individuals and encourage them to place ‘Request-a-Driver’ listings or search Driver Services listings. 

We encourage delivery drivers to list in Driver Services with free ads and we match drivers to customers. Every driver that joins will be notified of available gigs. We have work in many locations. Please join today at

Driver Requirements

Over 18 Years Old- You should be over 18 years old, presentable, reliable and preferably experienced with delivery. You will upload an image of your driver’s license as proof.

Clean, reliable vehicle– car, motorbike or bicycle. Different customers will require different vehicles based on local area served. You will upload photos of you and your vehicle for customers to view.

Vehicle Insurance– Depending on what you drive and where you live you may require standard or even commercial insurance. Speak to your local insurance broker. You will be required to upload an image of your vehicle insurance for review.

Clean Driving Record– You should have a clean driving record and have no criminal convictions. You may be required to show proof of record or previous employment as a vetted driver.

Be Nice– Life is too short to help badly behaved drivers. We moderate on-boarding and comments on performance.

How much will you earn?

We would like riders with bicycles to earn more than $15 per hour with tips; riders with motorbikes to earn around $18 per hour; and car drivers to earn above $20 per hour with tips. However rates in some cities and with some businesses are higher.

Drivers set expected hourly rates, extras like additional mileage, and methods of accepted payment. The final negotiation and payment is between driver and customer. 

Because drivers are listed continually on DriveFreedom Classifieds drivers can be contacted by persons needing drivers and willing to pay decent rates. Once found and used the customer will come back again and pay decent rates for your quality service. Build your own value and rise above the pack. 

How will you get jobs?

Here’s an example. A restaurant is growing their own delivery driver crew for the busier weekend shifts. They need a driver to trial for a couple of shifts and are willing to pay $15 per hour plus tips. Earnings of $20 per hour are normal. 

Restaurants will complete a ‘Request-a-Driver’ ad listing. DriveFreedom staff will review the listing and find nearby drivers and notify them of the opportunity. Restaurants will interview the drivers, usually as independent contractors. The selected drivers will then work for the restaurant as agreed. 

Restaurants can also search Driver Service listings and contact drivers directly by phone call or chat messaging. Drivers can switch off search on days they are not available. 

Once the driver and restaurant have met and worked together the relationship can continue on app or off-app. DriveFreedom does not control relationships or charge commission fees. DriveFreedom lives off being constantly useful to both parties.  

Independent Drivers

All drivers are independent. Drivefreedom is a classified advertising web application designed for mobile devices and computers. We sell advertising space- we do not dispatch drivers or get involved in payments. Ours is a de-luxe DIY service.

However we are building a clean community and have no time for badly behaved drivers or customers. We suspend bad actors. Our mission is not to be the biggest- just the best. 

We have no claim on drivers. When you don’t have work from us you can switch on any app you like. Hopefully that will become less and less desirable and you will earn more and more by using DriveFreedom Classifieds.

Saving restaurants from exploitation

Drivefreedom Classifieds has been built to help customers avoid middleman commission fee apps. We never charge commission fees! At the end of the day we believe drivers should keep the money earned directly from customers. 

We are #1 for Choice, Price and Security. Customers get the exact driver and vehicle they choose. Price cannot be beaten when no commission fees are charged. Security comes form knowing your driver. 

After a free initial period of 120 days (launch offer) drivers that choose to remain do so at a fee of less than a dollar a day. Request-a-Driver listings will remain free. 

Would you like to help restaurants and other customers survive? Post your free Driver Services listing today and let us send you work opportunities.

Place your free ad at Click Add A Car- Driver Services today!

Marketing Tools

Each ad listing comes with a UID# such as AAAA965. This number is easy to share verbally, on cards and on social media. We encourage sharing your DriveFreedom page on Facebook and elsewhere to your friends. A small boost and shares can help you reach even more local customers who can review and order your service.

As stated before we actively send leads of jobs. We will also give you more tips on marketing. When we get new drivers in an area we geo-location target that area to help our drivers get gigs. 

As a small, but progressive startup, we will continue to build out the community to better serve you. Our success can do with your help and belief that we are all better served with direct p2p driver services.

Other Driver Services

Ridehailing is tricky for a DIY business like ours due to regulations. For this reason we are only open to passenger services that are Private-Hire Operators.

We encourage individual and company ad listings of taxis, black cars, airport cars, limousines, SUV’s, party buses, and coaches that are correctly licensed and insured to accept passengers. To advertise vehicles on DriveFreedom Classifieds owners must be fully in compliance according to local DMV laws. 

If you are able to register as a private-hire operator with a regular car we will help you break free of commission-charging apps. Commercial insurance is always a requirement. Contact your local DMV and insurance broker to learn more. 

Non-passenger services like couriers, haulage, furniture moving, removals, medical services, animal transportation and tow trucks are all encouraged to take free ads. Over time we will market these services in more depth. Right now in covid19 times we are concentrating our marketing resources on food delivery. 

Cars for Sale

Please place free ads and search for Vehicles for Sale at You can post 20 photos and a  YouTube/ Vimeo video link. The app has many quick and easy features like one-page search, swipe, lists, maps, comments, direct phone calls and chat messaging. 

Click Add A Car- Car Sales and place your free ad today! 

Thanks for your time,

DriveFreedom Classifieds Team.