DriveFreedom partner collects pizaa from restaurant owner

There is a trend by Detroit restaurants to bring food delivery in-house to avoid the high costs associated with apps like DoorDash.

In the current Covid19 era with rolling indoor dining restrictions Detroit restaurants like Hazel, Ravines and Downtown have “Let the cooks cook and the rest of us can go out and do deliveries” according to Emmele Herrold chef-partner (Detroit Press Press). When restaurants deliver their own food orders the first driver conscripts are the waiting staff. Hazel’s plans to expand delivery  along the Woodward Corridor in Oakland County from 8 Mile to Long Lake. 

Chartreuse Kitchen & Cocktails in Midtown is planning to expand in-house deliveries of holiday pop-up ‘Miracle to Go’ menus and cocktails amid closure of indoor dining service. Polish Village Cafe, the iconic Hamtramck restaurant offers in-house delivery in the tri-county area. Delivery free for orders above $25 (Tipping is not a city in China). Takoi, the Corktown Thai restaurant, delivers hot food and booze with 3 regular drivers working a 25 mile radius. 

Could this become a mega-trend?

The trend for in-house take-out delivery ordering is growing as more restaurants are offering menus online, managing the delivery process, and getting support from customers and media. While delivery apps like Doordash and Uber Eats have huge bases many customers are also being flipped to go direct for future orders. 

For many restaurants it’s a matter of survival with a keen eye to the bottom line. In the future the prospects of the in-house delivery teams will continue to grow and this takes us to our next point. 

DriveFreedom Classifieds

Sooner or later indoor dining returns and the waiting staff will return to work and delivery drivers will be needed for busy shifts. That’s where DriveFreedom Classifieds comes in. DriveFreedom is a two-way marketplace where drivers and customers meet. Both sides place free classified ads and DriveFreedom also acts as a matchmaker.

DriveFreedom is a direct p2p marketplace and is not involved in negotiations and payments. No commission fees are ever charged. After a free period with guaranteed gigs drivers may opt to remain for a low monthly subscription.  Drivers with vehicles are usually engaged by restaurants on an hourly rate for an agreed period subject to local law. Most drivers remain independent 1099 contractors with adequate insurance.

Drivers place free ads here:

Delivery drivers with own cars, vans, scooters or bikes can place a free ad on

The designed-for-mobile web application has helpful features and tools like Request-a-Driver ads, marketing tools, clear photos, videos, easy search, swipe, booking calendars, moderated comments, direct call and chat messaging. 

Our motto is: “We help drivers get gigs and build direct relationships with customers”. Join our responsible driver community by placing a free ad listing today. Restaurants are waiting for experienced delivery drivers. 

‘Request-a- Driver’ Ads for Restaurants

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Request-a-Driver ads are free to restaurants and other customers. You can choose the car, service and route. Only approved drivers are forwarded to customers by DriveFreedom staff. This means business names are withheld. Offers below $15 per hour with vehicle are usually not entertained. 

As launch in Detroit is ongoing at this time we recommend you fill in a Request-a-Driver listing rather than search driver listings.  

Click here to Add a free ‘Request-a-Driver’ Listing

If you want to make contact with your questions, or to tell us about your needs you can reach us on WhatsApp +1 (268) 764-7464 or Facebook via Messenger. For those that prefer, fill in the email form. Let’s work together to end commission fee apps hold over your delivery orders.