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The video best explains how DriveFreedom Classifieds helps customers like restaurants find independent delivery drivers. Conversely we help drivers get gigs and build long term relationships with customers.

Do you use delivery drivers regularly?

Businesses like restaurants, grocers, florists and pharmacies need delivery drivers and bikers to deliver all the time these days. We are building a pool of delivery drivers in your city that businesses can access for one-off and regular gigs, shifts or jobs.  Groups and individuals can also ’employ’ drivers. 

There are two ways to find drivers on By placing a “Request-a-Driver’ ad listing for free or by searching Driver Services ad listings. 

The Major Benefits

  1. Choice– Customers choose drivers with vehicles they want to interview, not who the app sends. 
  2. Security– Because customers choose and interview drivers security is enhanced. Customers are encouraged to develop relationships with suitable drivers.
  3. Price– DriveFreedom does not charge middleman commission fees. Zilch, nada, nothing ever. This means drivers keep all the money customers pay. Impossible to beat!

Free and Low Cost Classified Advertising

Think of us more like Craigslist for automobile sales and services than DoorDash. Like other classified sites we give away free ads. After the free period of 120 days driver may choose to remain for a low monthly subscription fee of less than a dollar a day. For now we have no plans to charge for Request-a-Driver ads. 

But with a difference…

Just in case you think DriveFreedom Classifieds is like other sites, think again. DriveFreedom is an advanced model with features, tools and policies that will take us to the top with your support.

  1. Web App- Viewable on mobile devices and computers. No download required. 
  2. Design- For women and men in retro colors and curves. No machismo.
  3. Driver Approval- We review driver’s documentation- license, record, insurance and legality.
  4. Clear Photos- No fuzzy photos or incomplete ad listings are allowed. We encourage drivers personalize photos. 
  5. Moderation- Every ad listing has a comment box and we banish drivers and customers who behave badly.
  6. Videos- Driver Services and Vehicle For Sale advertisers can post video links from YouTube or Vimeo.
  7. Search- One-page clever search. No endless clicks.
  8. UID#- Each ad listing has a unique id number, easy for sharing, marketing and search. 
  9. Swipe- Swipe through the results on mobile. Also with lists and buttons.
  10. Maps- Advertisers choose a nearby location and search revolves that. In Request-a-Driver ads routes can be displayed. 
  11. Booking Calendars- Drivers can close off search for days they are booked.
  12. Direct Calls- On mobile devices the user can call the advertiser directly. On computers a service like Skype can work. Users have to be registered members to call and are subject to the same rules of moderation. 
  13. Chat Messaging- Users can text advertisers and ask questions. An email is sent to the advertiser who can login directly to answer.
  14. Payment- Drivers can set requested hourly rates in any currency. terms can be attached with probable extras. The final agreement and payment is between user and advertiser. 
  15. Advertising Only- While advertisers are vetted and moderated the service is a DIY advertising medium and plays no part in recommendation, recruitment, dispatch or payment processes. 

Start Here:

Go to home page.
Drivers– Click Add A Car- Driver Services- Choose Free Ads. Fill in the form. You will need clear photos, a mugshot, driver’s license photo, driver’s record (if you have), insurance photo. 
Restaurants– Click Request-a-Driver and fill in the form. If you prefer you may WhatsApp +1-268-764-7464 with your requirements.


If you want to make contact with your questions, or to tell us about your needs you can reach us on WhatsApp +1 (268) 764-7464 or Facebook via Messenger. For those that prefer, fill in the email form. Let’s work together to end commission fee apps hold over your delivery orders.