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Will I earn more money?

Yes, you can earn more money than working for a delivery app and competing for gigs. DriveFreedom’s mission is to cut out middleman fees and encourage higher direct hourly rates. 

How much will I earn per hour? 

You set your own rates and apply for gigs that suit you. Depending on the economic situation of your location you should earn between $15- $20 an hour with tips. But that rate can go right up when you build good relationships and a positive listing page on DriveFreedom App

Who do I work for?

You will work for and be paid by the business, group or private client that engages you for temporary employment on an hourly, daily or longer rate. Details are between you and the client including rates, tips and conditions. 

Will I work weekend shifts?

It depends. Many restaurants need drivers for weekend and after hours shifts. Other businesses like florists and retailers will look for daytime route drivers. The more flexible and available you are the more gigs you can consider. You can switch off search for days you are not available. You can list your hours in your page description. 

What if I don’t like the customer?

If you get offered some hours by a customer and you take them you should work your hours off. If you don’t want to work for them again then just decline politely. Customers can comment on drivers on the driver page.  Comments are how you build your reputation and your rates on DriveFreedom Classifieds. 

How do I get delivery work?

In a few ways. By applying you are creating an attractive classified listing page (sample) that can be searched for at Ours is a web app viewable on phone, tablet or computer. No download required. 

Local customers, like restaurants and other retailers, seeking drivers may also complete an ‘Request-a-Driver’ ad listing. Drivers can search these request listings and apply to receive customer details. If you are a driver member with a listing and are suitable for the listing you will be given the contact details. 

DriveFreedom staff automatically match drivers seeking work with customers seeking drivers, and encourage direct contact. When you join you will get a list of existing jobs and efforts will be undertaken to keep you busy.

A listing page on DriveFreedom Driver Services has an UID#, which is a unique id number that looks something like AAAA113. You can share!/drivers/AAAA113 on social media like facebook, instagram or more. We suggest you take that one step further and boost your post. 

Do I pay for DriveFreedom Classifieds? 

Hopefully, one day. The first period is free. Currently that is 120 days of absolutely free service. After the free period you may subscribe for less than a dollar a day. No obligation to remain.  

We never charge your customers delivery or commission fees. They should pass on some of that saving to you instead. Customers are your to keep forever, as long as your relationship grows. 

Where do I signup?

Please refer to the infographic and then apply for a free ad listing at

Any more questions? Ask below in the comment box and we will reply asap. Stay safe.