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Uber Black and Lyft Luxury offerings have dented luxury limo companies, especially with airport rides. But there is a silver lining. SUV’s are increasingly popular, executives still like town cars, limousines are still popular for proms and party buses rock the night life. Drivers are frustrated that Uber and Lyft charge over 25% commission fees on fares. There are opportunities.

The market has changed

There will always be an executive market. It’s a crowded playing field and regular economic scares and downturns don’t help. If you are running at full capacity in this market you don’t need our help. Our marketing is geared towards services like airport rides, prom nights and party buses so you might want to read on. We’ll let you handle your direct executive business outreach. 

The middle market has expanded due to the rise of Uber, Lyft and others. TNC’s largely don’t play to the same rules and in some segments are cutting your lunch. Let’s fight back. 

The millennial generation wants choice, price and security

Uber and Lyft have proved that the public will use private transportation for a wide variety of needs. However our research shows that the younger generations are most interested in experience and choice. Everyone dislikes a bad driver experience- bad music, smells, and lousy driving. Women especially get annoyed at leering, loutish behavior. Good drivers are often asked to give private rides. Humans like regularity and service.

However price is important. Wages haven’t matched inflation and younger people face huge expenses, often with lower paying jobs. Frequent downturns like the Corona Virus don’t help. Passengers want the added security of a driver they know, especially women. 

Now that passengers are used to private driver services don’t you want a bigger piece of the growing pie? Important to note that today’s budget user is tomorrow’s executive. Where will they go when they get better off financially?

CuteCars doesn’t charge commission fees

Alone, CuteCars can’t solve the pricing dilemma. But CuteCars does not charge the often 25% to 50% commission fees charged by TNCs. Our model is free and low cost monthly ads. 

CuteCars is not a TNC and does not offer insurance. Calls are direct to you. It’s your client. We are an ad company with some awesome features, tools and marketing matching. 

Legal operators like limo companies (for want of a better description), are restricted by local laws. CuteCars allows ANY car as long as its legal according to those laws. Age is not an issue. In fact we are classic car enthusiasts and want wedding cars and associated services. Our clients won’t mind an older car in great condition. Of course, electric cars are treasured by many concerned with climate change. 

Our model is per vehicle advertising listing, not company listing. We encourage personal driver experiences. We understand people still care about relationships and service. You can show your company name or go off-brand with vehicles that are out of your current niche. 

We may not be the best place for your top executive model, although we do encourage all market listings. We do believe we can greatly expand your market reach and help fill your order book.

CuteCars Marketing and Matchmaking Approach

CuteCars Driver Services is a p2p marketplace for all passenger and commercial driven services. In fact CuteCars will add Cars for Sale and Rentals in 2020. We are a car hub and we are aiming for lots of free ad traffic. 

We target niches in marketing campaigns. Here are some- airport rides, prom nights, female friendly, shopping/ collections, and delivery services. We use humor and non-traditional messaging, mostly on social media platforms.

When drivers place ads we cross-market. Here’s an example. If we get listings in Cleveland we target users and visitors to Cleveland, sometimes in conjunction with events, etc. It’s about hashtags and location targeting. 

CuteCars has developed a ‘Request a Quote’ tool which we target to passengers in the same way. Passengers ask for quotes; only available to our advertisers. If you advertise a limo and we get a prom limo inquiry in your area you are going to get a message. 

Free ads for 6 months

This is a launch offer special. The period will never be 6 months again for limo operators. Our purpose is to build up enough content and match them with passengers to get traction and interest. Usually the fee would be less than a dollar a day per vehicle.  

The promo code is: superlimo. Ad listings must be placed before 30th April, 2020

You may list all your vehicles on the same code. Photo uploads proving insurance and license are required. Only legal operators are allowed to advertise. CuteCars App has a strict entry and moderation policy. 

Thanks for your time,

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P2P platform connecting passenger driver services with customers
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P2P platform connecting passenger driver services with customers
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