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Today, millions of people are under stay-at-home orders to help stop the spread of Covid-19, Coronavirus. Our lives will change in the next few months, even when lock-down restrictions are eased. Home deliveries will continue to grow at a rapid pace and with it the demand for delivery drivers, especially those with their own vehicles.

Transportation workers are generally exempt from stay-at-home restrictions to carry vital supplies like medicine and food. Consider joining the front line of delivery services only if you are physically fit and extremely cautious.  

CuteCars App needs thousands of new drivers to sign up by the end of April. You will be matched with local customers willing to pay decent hourly gig rates. Customers are restaurants, retail stores, suppliers, groups and even some individuals. Step up now if you are ready to meet the challenge.

About CuteCars App

 CuteCars App is a not an app to order pizzas or groceries. We help drivers get gigs directly from customers and build long term relationships. The format is an ad listing showcase of drivers with vehicles looking for gigs.  

Our many features, tools, marketing and matching strategies pull in businesses desperately short of drivers. The business then employs the gig worker under their own terms, for the agreed compensation. CuteCars is not an employer. CuteCars is a marketplace for drivers. 

Drivers- Free Ads

CuteCars does not believe in charging drivers percentage commission fees for gigs. Ours is a free and low cost ad listing model. Drivers sign up with a Promo Code for 6 months free ad listings. No credit card; no obligation. 

Promo Code: deliverme . Place ad listing before: 30th April, 2020. Click here!

We reserve the right to limit the offer if demand is overwhelming. Future promo codes will be of shorter duration, so get in now. Later subscription rates are less than a dollar a day. Right now, make money on us. 

Listings by Vehicle, Direct to Businesses

Some businesses and delivery apps may not pay what you are worth at this time. By placing a free listing on CuteCars you alone set your hourly rates. Businesses, groups and individuals contact you directly to discuss availability and negotiate fees. 

If you place a listing you will also be notified of available driver-with-vehicle gig jobs we learn about. You can then evaluate these gigs and decide if you want to apply. 

Drivers post a listing with up to 20 photos. We suggest showing character in the images, as CuteCars is all about developing relationships. You can also post a video link (Youtube or Vimeo). Businesses will use one-page elastic search to find suitable drivers locally and swipe through listings (like tinder). Once they find a suitable listing they can click to see driver details. 

Mobile calls and chat messages are direct to drivers. Only members can call and calls can be switched off. If you have a listing the clients who you connect with are yours to keep. CuteCars is not a middleman. A booking calendar allows drivers to switch off search of an ad listing on busy dates. If you are booked you can go silent until you are available again. To learn more:

What’s in it for businesses?

Businesses Search local delivery drivers, swipe through listings, and call or text drivers directly. 

Customers may post a Free ‘Request a Quote’ ad listing. This versatile form can be used by businesses recruiting drivers with a fixed offer or individuals requesting any driver service. To see a sample Search RAQ , enter UID # AAAA011.  

Matching and cross-marketing service

If businesses post a ‘Request a Quote‘ listing CuteCars admin will find suitable local drivers to message and inform them to make contact. When drivers place listings, CuteCars finds and informs drivers of local businesses looking for gig delivery drivers. 

CuteCars engages in cross-marketing on social media channels. What this means is that we boost posts seeking drivers or businesses subject to where the demand is. For instance, if we get driver listings in Philadelphia then we seek to find gigs in Philly, and vice versa. 

Covid-19 coronavirus protections

We implore drivers to use hand sanitizer sprays, gloves and masks. Avoid close, direct contact at warehouses and with customers. Minimize contact with parcels by using extra plastic garbage bags or similar. Follow gig employer guidelines but suggest more protections if you need.

Please note that CuteCars App is an advertising platform. Accordingly by our Terms of Service you will never be an employee and should you act like one you will be not allowed to advertise your gig business. 

Legal and insurance requirements

Drivers, ask your local DMV if you need any additional permits. Seek legal advice if you are unsure. Check with your insurance broker as to your coverage delivering parcels. Often a car with standard insurance is sufficient, but some insurance companies may have restrictive policies than others. 

Business customers may have their own insurance and legal requirements. Larger vans may require different licenses and insurances. 

CuteCars App is a platform for all driver services. These include passenger and commercial services. Please do not attempt to sign up for passenger services if you are not a legally permitted and insured for-hire business. CuteCars does not supply insurance or dispatch rides. That said, we are looking for legal town cars, limos, cars, SUVs, wedding cars, tow trucks, furniture vans and other haulage businesses. Same terms apply. 

The future is brighter

Let’s get through this dark spot together. CuteCars App will continue to build features and tool to assist drivers and customers. We’d like to hear suggestions from you on ways we can improve our service. In the near future we will offer a ‘Cars for Sale’ category, “Car Rentals’ will follow soon. 

Thank you for your time,

CuteCars App Staff 

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CuteCars App is a marketplace for customers needing drivers. The format is an ad listing showcase of drivers with vehicles looking for gigs.