15 reasons CuteCars Rocks Driver ServicesAny Driver Service AnywhereAny Driver Service ImaginableChoiceUnbeatable PricesFree Ads with promo codesfemale FriendlyLegal DriversSuitable InsuranceRequest A QuoteMatched MarketingUnique Identification NumberSwipe, Map & Booking CalendarsDirect Call & ChatComments keep it cleanA Bright FutureThanks for your time!

#1. Any Driver Service, Anywhere

Looking for passenger transportation? You’ll find rideshare cars, sedans, cabs, limos, buses, coaches and more.

Looking for commercial services? Ideal for delivery cars, vans, pickups, removal trucks and haulage.

#2. Any Driver Service Imaginable

We encourage drivers to list passenger services for commuting, kids, elders, shopping, date night, partying and tours.

We help drivers get regular and one-off gigs for deliveries, removals, medical, tow trucks, haulage and more.

#3. Choice

The customer gets to choose the perfect vehicle and driver for every occasion. Young, old, male female, new or classic.

CuteCars helps match drivers and customers for lasting relationships. Get the car and driver you deserve.

#4. Unbeatable Prices

Better prices than Uber? Yes! CuteCars does not charge drivers commission fees of +25%. Negotiate rates for regular rides.

Pool with friends, go door-to-door, pay hourly rates or organize fixed deals. On CuteCars your deal is with the driver.

#5. Free Ads with Promo Codes

CuteCars gives drivers months of free ads. Listings never cost more than a $1 a day anyway. No Commissions. Big savings.

Promo Codes are found on the blog at https://cutecarsapp.com. Coming soon: Cars for Sale and Rentals. Wow!

#6. Female Friendly

CuteCars encourages using lady drivers to transport children and vulnerable persons. It’s a safe choice for families.

Remember, it’s illegal to transport unaccompanied minors. Never do it. Interview drivers for long term gigs.

#7. Legal Drivers

To advertise drivers must be legal on the road according to local law. Contact your local DMV for information.

Remember, airport have permits and rules too. For delivery gigs the rules are usually easier than for passenger rides.

#8. Suitable Insurance

To advertise every driver service must have the mandated vehicle insurance and liability coverage. Ask your broker.

Passenger services require Commercial Insurance or Rideshare All Stage Insurance, depending on local law). CuteCars does not provide insurance.

#9. Request A Quote

Users can Request A Quote for any type of driver service, one-off or regular. CuteCars looks for matching services.

We use social networks to attract drivers who meet user needs to list services and bid for gigs. Request A Quote is free.

#10. Matched Marketing

CuteCars selects the best ad listings to boost on social media. Make us look good and we will drive customers.

A customer driver relationship can be for life. All this for a listing that starts free, without obligation. Winner!

#11. Unique Identification Number (UID#)

The UID# is a conversion tool for drivers. Drivers can share the number verbally, in printed material and on social media.

A number, e.g. ABCD123, is a quick search engine tool taking the user directly to the driver’s page. We use an advanced search engine.

#12. Swipe, Maps & Booking Calendars

CuteCars uses fast Swipe (ala tinder) to quickly find drivers. Maps show where drivers are located. Find a driver nearby.

Drivers use the Booking Calendar to select days they are unavailable. This records on the driver page and in search results.

#13. Direct Call & Chat

Only members can phone drivers directly. A log is kept and abuse is not tolerated. Drivers can switch off calls.

Members can chat with drivers to arrange quotes, meetings and more. CuteCars has no web links or forms.

#14. Comments keep it clean

Users can comment on the driver’s page. CuteCars does not tolerate bad behavior like dirt vehicles, abuse or tardiness.

CuteCars will ban bad passengers too. Our aim is not to be the biggest, just the best. Let’s build a great community!

#15. A Bright Future

CuteCars has just launched. this is the beginning. Expect new features and tools. Our marketing is inventive too.

The app is in English, with other languages to follow. Categories like Cars for Sale and Rentals are coming in 2020.

Thanks for your time!


Designed for mobile. No download required. For more information visit the blog at https://cutecarsapp.com.

Anthony Todd, Founder.

Anthony Todd