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19th August, 2021

DriveFreedom Classifieds ( is a free ad marketplace for vehicle sales and driver services. We are pleased to announce our beta launch of the Vehicles-For-Sale category. This is your chance to be early in line to sell your car, van or truck as the service is rolled out in front of thousands of new users. The early bird gets the worm! You have to be in it to win it! You get the drift. 

Everyone, everywhere is allowed to place free ads of any vehicles-for-sale in any currency as from today. Private persons and dealers are welcome. Customer interest is high as buyers look for good deals emerging from Covid19 confinement. 


We currently market DriveFreedom in Antigua and Barbuda, The Great Lakes USA, and Florida USA via Facebook and other channels. That’s where you will see the greatest activity. Click the links for samples.

Awesome Features!

Much better than Facebook Marketplace, Craigslist and other sites. Here’s why:

Free Ads- 60 days at no cost
Clear Photos– 20 photo allowance with no fuzzy photos allowed
Videos– You can share your YouTube or Vimeo car videos!
Clever Search– Quick one page search with options
Swipe– Let your finger swipe through Image Cards
Lists– Search option to see several cars at once. 
Maps– To show where buyers can view the car.  
Details– Sellers have to provide car details. 
Comments– Comments keep us safe. Moderated
Verified– Sellers prove ownership to prevent fraud. 
Direct Phone Calls– Buyer to seller on mobile devices. Moderated
Direct Chat Messages- Buyer to seller instant chat.
UID#– Your own free social media marketing tool.
Designed– For women and men, on smart phones, tablets and computers.
Web Application– No download required. Just go to:

The UID# Marketing Tool

UID# stands for Unique Identity Number and is the code given for easy access. An example is AAAA070. You would be given this code when your ad is approved. This code can be typed into the search box and will bring up your ad listing. You can use it verbally e.g. ‘I’m on and my ad is AAAA070 in cars-for-sale search. 

If you have a for-sale sign on your car here is a trick. Add and Listing ID AAAA070 (for example). This way the person can go online and learn more about your car, WHILE STANDING THERE! This is a great feature for car shows, dealer showrooms and road side viewing. 

You will also be given the url which for the above sample is:!/salecar/CCCC070 . Now here’s the thing. You can share this link on Facebook or other social media platform post so you friends know your car is for sale. Facebook gives you an option to boost the post. Try it and spend $10 and reach out to people in your area and get even more interest! 

Search Selections

We believe in choice. You can choose from body type, make, model, year, price range, mileage/ kms, engine size, driver side, doors, colours, drive train, gears, fuel, air conditioning, car history and private/ dealer sales.  

In Conclusion

All members need to register to buy/ sell vehicles. For your free advert you will need up to 20 clear photos, a photo of your vehicle registration card, and driver’s license. Our aim is to prevent fraud by creating a safe environment to start the sale process. Please start at is a web application and has the attributes of an app without the need for download. It just works. Viewable on computers, tablets and smartphones with internet access.