DriveFreedom lawn sign

Calling all citizens and friends of Antigua and Barbuda interested in cars for sale and driver services- DriveFreedom Classifieds needs your support to build a startup for cars into a recognizable brand. Our pledge to you is that as we grow we will employ Antiguans in your very own home grown startup. 

Not Facebook; born here

Sure, you can place ads in Facebook Marketplace and support Zuckerberg but give a thought to taking out free ads in Antigua’s very own DriveFreedom Classifieds at  DriveFreedom has been recently developed by Anthony Todd, from English Harbour. He has ambitious plans to grow the startup beyond our lovely island nation and employ Antiguans in good paying tech jobs. And you can help by placing free ads. 

Buy & Sell Cars for Free

We have two categories: Cars-for-Sale and Driver Services. Anyone can list a car for sale for free and there is no fee if we help you sell the car. Individuals and dealers are welcome. We are an advertising platform, not a middleman. Don’t worry about us making money. Our business model has promoted options and we will break even beyond Antigua and Barbuda. We have friends looking for cars for sale right now. Take 5 minutes and add yours for consideration. 

What are Driver Services?

We have the same free ads system for driver services. We define driver services as those legal for-hire passenger and commercial services that include drivers with vehicles. These include Taxis, Tours, Coaches, Wedding Cars, Couriers, Shoppers, Haulage Services, Furniture Removals and Backhoes. If you have a DMV-legal passenger or commercial service you can place free ads on DriveFreedom. Be the first in your category and get the work referrals we collect in our Request-a-Driver forms. 

Free Marketing

You will see a variety of marketing methods coming out. Lawn signs, billboards, social media posts and ads. Our method of advertising also gives you a UID#, a way to share your listing on your own social media channel and direct traffic to your own dedicated page. 

Sweepstake Prizes to be Won!

Based on the number of new ads monthly sweepstake contest prizes are awarded of up to US $ 1,000. Rules of contest can be found here

Web App; no download required

DriveFreedom Classifieds is at It’s a special type of mobile friendly website. The typical functions of a mobile phone work but you don’t need to download an app from a store. It just works as long as you are online with computer, tablet or smart phone. The main features are easy one-page search, swipe, lists, clear photos, YouTube videos, maps, comments, booking calendars, direct phone calls and chat. We moderate access and comments to prevent fraud and bad actors. We don’t need to be the biggest; just the best. 

Thank you for your consideration. Comments welcome.