Anthony Todd

DriveFreedom Classifieds is operated by Anthony Todd, The Old Sail Loft, Hospital Hill, English Harbour, Antigua and Barbuda (Contact Us).

Drivefreedom Classifieds is a modern platform for Automobile Vehicle Sales and Driver Services listings. Superior features include one-page elastic search, swipe, maps, crisp photos, videos, booking calendars, comments, direct call and chat.

We match independent delivery drivers with customers (e.g. restaurants) with Request-a-Driver ads. Bottom line, we help drivers get gigs and build relationships. Our mission is to help free drivers from commission fees, while giving customers Choice, Price and Security. It’s a win-win situation achieved by removing the middlemen.

DriveFreedom is moderated platform. We intend to build a great community. Why not join us? Place a free ad here.


Sathya Narayanan is CTO. Sathya is an all-rounder with a broad range of skills valuable to a startup like ours. He is also the talented illustrator of our latest blog post images. 

We currently operate remotely in and from several countries using partners and skilled contractors to compliment our skills.

DriveFreedom is bootstrapped. Startup Investors who appreciate the potential of our business model are invited to contact us (Investors).

Mailing Address:
Anthony Todd
DriveFreedom Classifieds
The Old Sail Loft
Hospital Hill
English Harbour
Antigua and Barbuda

WhatsApp/ Tel: +1- (268)- 764-7464

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