Month: January 2021

DriveFreedom Classifieds 101 [Video]

The video best explains how DriveFreedom Classifieds helps customers like restaurants find independent delivery drivers. Conversely we help drivers get gigs and build long term relationships with customers. Do you use delivery drivers regularly? Businesses like restaurants, grocers, florists and pharmacies need delivery drivers and bikers to deliver all the time these days. We are..

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The ‘Request-a-Driver’ tool helps restaurants find delivery gig drivers

Driver delivers food to a home

DriveFreedom Classifieds has launched a new tool called ‘Request a Driver’ to help restaurants and other customers find independent delivery gig drivers. The home delivery market has been growing every year and the Covid-19 pandemic has exploded the need for drivers, especially in the takeout and grocery food market. Many restaurants, suppliers and stores want..

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